Written by wazza

19 Nov 2012

I had a day off work today and woke up feeling very horny, after my wife had gone to work i had breakfast then decided to shave my balls and arse and look for some fun seeing as i had the day to myself.

i set off in the car and couldnt decide whether to head for the cottage at eastney or head for the top of the hill to look around the woods, i settled on the loos and drove there. i parked up oiutside and saw someone waiting in their car so i headed straight in to the loos to wait for some fun, i checked inside and it was empty so i went into trap 3 and started to play with my cock, i was feeling pretty horny and started to play with my arse but no one had come in yet.

I head someone go into the next cubicle i gave the usual sniff but no response the guy then flushed and left, i was comtemplating trying elsewhere when someone else came in and i could here them at the urinals, the usual couple of sniffs meant it was looking like i might get some action, then someone else came in i was waiting for cock in the urinal with my fingers up my arse. the pisser left and then i saw the foot poke under my door bingo.

i opened the door and a guy about mid 40s is standing stroking his cock he offers to come in the cubicle and suck me( how could i refuse) i had my jeans down and he was sucking my cock deeply and sucking my shaved balls i was feeling good, he eased a finger up my arse whilst sucking me which was pushing me to the edge. i got my lube out and offered him a condom to fuck me,i then sucked him and put the condom on his fat short cock ( i was thinking he was going to stretch my arse wide apart) i stood up against the door he put some lube on his condom clad cock then tried to push it straight in, i eased back then felt his head ease into my hole he was quite thick anf i was struggling to fit him in but after a minute or two he started a gentle fucking until my arse had got used to him then he started a vigorous fucking and reached around me and started wanking me off while he was fucking my hard, it was too much for me and i shot me load with his cock still in my arse.

He withdrew out of my arse and took the condom off i then sucked his fat cock until he unloaded all down my throat. i cleaned him up with my tongue the we both straightened ourselves up and left.

A great day all without a word being said i came home and looked at my stretch arse in the mirror ( i couldnt help but ease 2 fingers up and have another wank)

Good job i didnt go up the hill to look for fun