8 Dec 2016

Just this morning I slept in late and was quite dozy and still in my dressing gown when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was a guy, aged probably mid 50's, with a parcel for me. It was raining and it he seemed quite cold. He made a joke about how nice it was that he could feel my central heating through the open door. Without really thinking I asked him if he would like to come in for a cup of tea to warm up for a bit and he thanked me and walked in. As we both stood in my kitchen I did not realise that my dressing gown was not properly done up, and I noticed him in my peripheral vision staring. I did have underpants under my dressing gown though. I was not sure what to do as I am a bit inexperienced and honestly was not expecting anything (I really did invite him in just for tea). So I said "sorry, I hope I'm not embarrassing you as I'm in my dressing gown" he said no, of course not". I then opened my dressing gown up so he could see I was not totally naked in the hope this might make him a bit less embarrassed (if he was embarrassed) and I said "look, I'm not totally naked". As I stood there facing him with my gown open, I saw his gaze was lingering on my pants. He said "that's fine, it's your house, and anyway, you look very nice down there!". As soon as he said that something tingled inside me, a sort of knowing anticipation, I cannot describe it. I said "thanks" and let the gown stay open. I then realized my cock was getting stiffer and so did he. He said to me "I'm sorry to stare, but it is quite a nice view to be honest" and I went quite red. I sidled nearer to him and asked if he would like to "touch it". He started to caress and fondle my legs and cock, over my pants, and I could see though his uniform trousers he had a huge hard on. I undid his zip, pulled down his trousers and pants and the most enormous cock fell out and I could not resit. I put it in my mouth and sucked and sucked, fondling him all over as he groaned with pleasure, and in a very short time he shot his load into my mouth and over my face. I gave him some kitchen roll and asked if he could now just watch me wank which he agreed. We went into the bedroom and I simply wanked whilst he stood over me and I caressed his bum and legs and had a lovely wank. He then thanked me and left. This was a totally spontaneous and unexpected occurrence, I am quite young and he was much older and I could not believe the thrill I got in pleasing an older man in this way. I neglected to get his number but hope he delivers my next parcel when I will be ready for his lovely cock in my young mouth once again.,