Written by john_433

24 Dec 2014

Think I can honestly say that I’ve never fancied another man so when I first become bi curious it was just for the kinky thrill. I’m sure, just like most guys, I was pretty nervous when I first started but gradually I became much more relaxed and adventurous. At first, I enjoyed mutual wanking and sucking but after meeting several men I began to have submissive fantasies and loved the idea of being used by other men. I’ve never really played out those fantasies but I do remember when I let another man cum in my mouth for the first time and it felt so much more exciting,

Not so many guys can accommodate but gradually I became much more relaxed about meeting men outdoors. Having chatted on-line, I often agreed to suck men while they offered nothing in return and again, let them cum in my mouth. Can’t say I’ve always enjoyed the taste, but it does give me such a thrill of playing the cum slut. While I still hoped to play the submissive role I never imagined I’d have the nerve of performing in front of other men until I agreed to meet another guy at a cruising site. We first met at a public car park and from there he gave me directions to a more secluded location, a picnic site, elevated above a busy main road. Although it was around 9pm, it was still light, so I was already feeling paranoid and I hadn’t expected to see so many other cars. While some men sat in their cars, others wandered around in the near distance, I guessed, hoping to make contact with other men. My passenger soon had his cock out, I was okay wanking him but feeling too nervous to suck him, as I kept a look out should anyone else approach. My partner persuaded me to relax, telling me that we were all here for the same reason, but although I was miles from home, I was still scared that I might be recognised. I was keen to suck his cock but sure enough, it wasn’t long before I was aware of other men standing around the car watching. Head down, I continued sucking him until he cum in my mouth. I’d seen two men standing near the passenger door but when I straightened up there were another two standing near my door. It was all over in minutes but having made eye contact with some of these men I was eager to get away, promising never again.

However, it was while I was driving home that I realised, after the initial shock, I found the whole experience exciting and knew I wanted to try it again. It was several weeks before I next had the nerve to visit the cruising site, and then, I only sat in my car, watching, waiting for something to happen. I’ve since learnt that some men just like to watch, while others, like myself, were very cautious about approaching other men, making small talk without committing themselves as likely players. Eventually I did get lucky, talking to another guy in the darkness I offered to suck him and he agreed. There were several others but it was pretty much hit and miss but at least I was getting a little bolder when approaching other men. I cared less if there were other men sitting nearby in their cars and sure enough, when two men get together, that usually attracted attention where other men liked to join in or just watch. Didn’t take me long to realise that in small groups most men just liked to wank themselves, or each other, but when someone like me offers to suck they would gather around. The first time it happened for me – when I offered to suck another guy it wasn’t long before a second guy came along, pushing his cock into my mouth. I was wanking and sucking each in turn until I couldn’t resist and had both cocks in my mouth at the same time, until finally, both cum in my mouth, another first that night.

By the following summer I was becoming much more brazen and enjoyed sucking two or more men at the same time, and it was much more of a thrill if other men were watching. As much as I enjoyed sucking several cocks together, it appeared some men liked calling me as a slut, gently forcing their cocks into my mouth. Just a game, as yet, I’ve not met any men that played that role too seriously and I love to oblige as other men watch. It wasn’t something that happened every week, more often after a quiet night, I would wank myself outside the car knowing other men were watching. For the end of that summer I’d experienced several groups sessions but my record for one night was sucking four men together, three of those cum in my mouth and again, while a couple of other men watched. I would still visit during the winter months and sometimes I would get lucky but my best experiences were for mild evenings, usually after dark, but sometimes I’ve performed in broad daylight.

This journey has taken about seven years, there have been periods when I’ve been inactive but for this summer, just gone, I became even more adventurous. It was sometime during the spring when I walked past a guy sitting in his Range Rover and noticed he was naked. My inspiration. When I approached the driver’s door he stepped outside, totally naked, think he must have been mid thirties, much taller than me looking fit and lean with a nice cock of maybe seven inches. Couldn’t resist, took off my t-shirt and dropped my shorts around my ankles, rubbing against him, feeling my cock against his. Wasn’t long before another two men approached but they just wanted to watch, it was already obvious my partner was an exhibitionist, so I decided to give them a performance. I have kissed men before, not that I fancied them, as ever, just for the kinky thrill and I must admit it felt horny. After wanking and sucking him for a while I stood up to suck his nipples then offered to kiss him on the lips. He seemed keen, felt strange but horny as other men watched and we continued kissing, quite passionately, when another man turned up. I was getting greedy, wanted him to join in but he just wanted to watch, so again I was on my knees sucking his cock until my partner warned me he was about to cum. Felt horny to tell him in front of the other men that he could either cum in my mouth or over my face. I felt him squirt inside my mouth, and then licked the last of his cum from the end of his cock as the other men watched. He cum loads that I so wished he had given me a facial. When he drove off I was still standing naked in front of these men, feeling a little exposed I brazen it out and walked back to my car naked, which was about fifty yards away.

For my next visit I stripped naked in my car so that it gave clear intention to anyone walking past. As ever, some men just liked to look but for anyone interested they would come around to the driver’s door and would start wanking me until I offered to suck them. Again, there were quiet evenings but I found by stripping naked in the car I had a higher rate of success with other men. Of course, I’d recognise men from before but for anyone new, some were thrilled to see me naked. For a quiet evening I would dare myself to walk further away from the safety of my car, happy to just pose naked for other men, some standing next to me as I wanked myself. As before, I enjoyed a few group sessions, but now I was performing in front of other men, sucking cock, while naked.

For my best performance, it was mid evening and still light when I’d stripped in the car until the first guy approached. Next I was sitting naked on the doorframe of my car sucking his cock when another man stood next to him. So now I had two cocks to play with, wanking and sucking each in turn. When a third man turned up he stood at the back of the car, watching, but with his cock out. I suggested we move to the back of the car, where there was more room, so I could play with all three cocks. Of course, we were much more exposed and that soon attracted other men. By now I was used to groups of four to five men but as I sucked on three cocks I looked around to count another seven men watching us. It did throw me for a little while but I was determined to perform and I was soon feeling excited that so many men were involved. From the men who were watching I recognised that I’d sucked two of them several times before. Sure enough, one of them stepped forward and urged the other men to fuck my mouth, telling them that I was a dirty slut. From before, I enjoyed his humiliation and told the group that I loved to taste cum in my mouth. As before, he handled me a little rough, forcing his cock into my mouth, not everyone’s scene but I’m sure those watching knew it was just a game. I’d met that guy several times, we’ve never talked, but each time he would play the game of my Master as if we had already decided rules. Only this time, he did turn towards the others and asked if anyone would like to fuck the slut?

My first reaction was panic but having tried anal once before I still wonder if I would have agreed had there been any takers. I had met a guy at his home and after he told me that he was experienced in fucking other men I agreed to give it a try. Feeling cautious, I was mostly frightened it might hurt but he was gentle and I loved the thrill of being fucked for the first time. I must admit, the idea of being spit roasted while a group of men are watching does feel horny, cum at both ends, but maybe next summer.

When the first guy cum in my mouth that evening he quickly left but I was still wanking two cocks while sucking another. With so many men watching, when the second guy was ready to cum I couldn’t resist, and told him to give me a facial. My Master encouraged the third guy to do the same and as they both wanked over my face the other men gathered much closer for a better look. I kept looking up at all the other men, with my mouth wide open, waiting for them to cum. The first guy dribbled cum all around my mouth and onto my tongue, I didn’t want to swallow any so instead let it dribble out onto my chin, the second guy cum not long after squirting three times across my face. From the six remaining men Master offered another two cocks to my mouth, I think we were all eager for them to give me another facial, my first bukkake, and the other two men had remained to watch. I wanked and sucked each of them before each wanked themselves and holding back they cum together over my face. Shame there were no other offers but as I licked cum from around my lips I kept looking up at the nine men staring down at me. I wanted so much more but when my Master tried to fuck my mouth I grabbed his cock instead and rubbed it hard against my face, then after spreading all that cum across my face I licked his cock clean until he cum in my mouth. From sucking six cocks, four facials and twice cum in my mouth, that is my record so far.

With no more offers everyone just vanished but while I was sitting in the car my Master returned to shake my hand and said we must meet again. Not happened yet but would love to have a chat with him to plan further events.