Written by Williamstrap

6 Aug 2013

Back in the 90's a Leisure centre in a Devon seaside town used to have a clothing optional wet area. This consisted of a sauna, steamroom and jacuzzi, showers and a nice relaxing area with seating, coffee and even food served.

Now this was a council owned property and therefore of course being clothing optional could not last forever and after many wonderful years a new management company took over and the clothing optional was first pushed to a few days a week and eventually stopped altogether. Sadly.

But for quite a few glorious years lots of fun was had by many. Now all the 'fun' was of course done in semi private as the staff would be around all the time. The were not there to stop the fun, I believe they knew what was going on, they just made sure it was not blatant.

I remember the first time I went, I was mid 20's and that first time I wore my trunks, by the second time I was naked and within a few visits I was enjoying the attentions of some of the older men. Occasionally there were a few women there and some of them were up for some fun as well. But, mainly it was men. I was not gay, but certainly I guess Bi, I certainly remember the first time in the Jacuzzi a leg accidentally nudged mine and was followed after a time by a hand just drifting over my thigh. My cock responded on these occasions. Usually the tension was great as this was all happening on the QT, there were just as many people using the facilities who were not there for sexual reasons, so, you couldn't just go grabbing at cocks or start groping women.

The tension would see me with my cock rock hard from merest nudge of a leg against mine or the stroke of a hand. I remember willing the hand to return and often it would, floating on the jets of water and if it would nudge against my cock. Once they found the cock hard the all bets were off. I sat in that jacuzzi for many hours and enjoyed a great variety of hands on my cock, fingers at my ass and on a few very rare occasions my cock and fingers at the entrance to a cunt. As some caring husband had brought his wife out for some fun.

The story I want to mention here was one that I continually kick myself for stopping to early.

There was an older guy (50's) who used to regularly stroke my cock in the Jacuzzi and the Sauna and I would repay him the compliment. He has a massive cock probably 9 inches and very thick and I remember one day in the sauna, he came and sat next to me and was soon stroking my hard cock and then he started to finger my ass, he left and came back his hand lathered with soap which he soon applied to my ass to help ease his fingers in and then he stood me up and turned me around, bent move over the bench and attempted to get his cock in, it was pushing against my ass and it just started to ease in but it hurt and I stood up and left the sauna.

On a different visit he was in the steam room where lots of fun went on in the steamy darkness.

And he had watched a young small cocked man sliding his cock into my ass, this was probably the first time I had actually been fucked up the ass, I wanted it and this guys cock was probably only around 4 inches and thin, so was a perfect start. I remember (looking back now realising how stupid and uneducated I was) being afraid of AIDS even though I was letting him fuck me bareback, I kept telling him not to come in my ass. Stupid boy!

Anyway he gave me a great fuck. Later on I was in the Jacuzzi and the older man was again soaping my ass up and pushing his fingers up my ass, stretching me and wanking my cock. It was wonderful.

He told me to meet him in the steamroom, so I once my cock subsided went to the steamroom, he followed a few minutes later and again he lathered up my ass and was fingering and stretching my ass before he again stood me up and pushed his hard cock against my ass. Slowly but surely he pushed it in until I felt my ass relax and it felt amazing. My ass felt stretched and full and my cock was rock hard. I have never been lucky enough to have such a big cock since. I was of course scared about the situation, I was stood up in the steam room with a big cock up my ass, a bit different from the sneaking hand job or blow job that could be stopped if the door opened and covered with a towel. Here I would not be able to react so easily. He slowly eased his cock in and out of me a few times and it was glorious. I could easily have wanked myself to a quick spunk. He was a considerate lover given the size of his cock, he was very gentle. But I panicked when I hard a noise in the corridor and I quickly stood up and hurriedly wrapped my towle around my self went straight into the showers.

I never got to repeat this and get properly fucked in the leisure centre and now some 25 years later, I still wish I had held my nerve and felt his cock fuck me to completion, taking his hot cum up my almost virgin ass. Nothing since has felt so good.