7 Oct 2016

The meetings had started many years ago. Not very frequently but enough to keep me mad keen to meet. It was nearly dark as I pulled up to the house. As instructed I locked the door behind me and stripped off naked. Next the instruction was simple come upstairs into the bedroom. I found the stairwell and went up to the landing where the bedroom door was open. I Entered. I could see him lay on the bed in just his shorts. Body all hairy and toned. Come over here he said with a smile on his face. I obliged and lay on my back on the bed. Put your hands up to the headboard he said grabbing my click as the cuffs were locked into place. This is going to be a first for you he said as he n,knelt over me. First the now erect cock was thrust into my mouth and pounded into me. He leant back and played with my cock whilst he did this. After a while his leg muscles clenched my chest and tightened. I could feel his head swell in my mouth. I knew what was coming. Literally. The thick jet of cream filled my mouth and throat. Pumping away I swallowed it all down. Once he'd finished it was my turn. You have been good tonight. The cuffs were released but now he lay on the bed and I was cuffed kneeling over him Hands behind my back. This time it was me in him. He fingered my bum whilst pumping me in and out of his mouth. I could feel the pressure building in me.the fingering got more intense and invasive. On and on until I exploded inside him. As I started to unload his finger thrust up inside me making me empty even further. Once again a good time all around. Thanks and see you soon.