Written by subguy

18 Jun 2018


Please excuse any typo's or spelling mistakes, please no smart arse comments just enjoy the story!!

I am 50 now and still slim, but 10 years ago I was super fit slim legs tight tummy and (I am told buy the girls a Pretty face)

That does not say I am feminine, far from it.

I have always been bi and over the last 20 years enjoys serving many men and women.

I started chatting on SH to an older guy, he told be that he had been a builder and that he loved to fuck slim guys...but and here was the but, he liked his "boys" to dress up!

Now this has never been my thing, never thought of myself as a sissy...we talked in the chat room and I he showed me his very large cock, I of course was gagging to see it close up, but I would have to dress up. I told the guy I had no panties etc as my wife was very small, he laughed and "dont worry mine isn't and I have lots of things you can try on.

As we talked he told me that once every month or so about 4 or 5 of his bi mates he has met over the years come round to watch porn, he said it is just a wank session, most are ex-builders, one was a fireman and some are a little over weight. (Also not my thing)

He said that it would be fun if I dressed up and served them beers etc, be interesting to see what how mates would react!

I thought "what the hell" and agreed to meet, I was to arrive at 11am get dressed and wait till called, his mates where all due in around 12.

When I got there he took me into his bedroom and on the bed was a selection of stockings, panies, bras, shoes, wigs and even false boobs (That are very heavy)...wow this guy really new what he liked ;)

He left me be and I selected black stockings and matching bra, panties and suspenders, a dark straight bob style wig and even applied make up, I am blonde and clean shaven so not much of a shaddow, I looked hot!

I looked in the full length mirrors and could feel my heart jumping.

I walked in to show him how I looked and he smiled, his big hands pawed at my bum and kissed me, then adjusted my lipstick. I was told to go into the kitchen and wait till called.

The lounge was all set up, big telly with straight porn being showed, beers and wine available, curtains drawn and a large mat placed over their very white carpet lol, I also noticed lude, condoms and poppers on the side...strange for a wank session!

I was in the kitchen and heard the guys start to come in, they where all quite loud and laddish, taking the rise out of each other and discussing what they had been upto, after a while the chat stopped and I heard the tell tale sounds of guys enjoying guys, it was at this point my "Owner" for the day told me to enter the room.

As I walked in I saw 4 other guys all big built and quite chubby naked and erect, they all stopped what they where doing and looked at me, then they all laughed, "what does this little slut like" one said...to be fucked said my Owner!

And so it began, I knelt on all fours in the middle of the mat (as instructed), my owner then put a blindfold over my head

I felt hands everywhere and a hard large cock was pushed into my mouth, it was covered in precum and tasted amazing, his mates were jesting him that he would not be able to hold on....he did'nt and I took his full load in my mouth, I swallowed most of it but allowed a little to run out as a tease....

By this time my panties where down around my knees and my pert bum was lubed and fingers where going in, hands where slapping my butt cheeks, now i was lost and did not care..."Just us me" i said!

This they did another cock entered my mouth and another guy was trying to fuck me, with a little help I felt him enter my man pussy...."like a pig on a stick" one guy said....then the fucking started.

One after another they fucked me, 3 filling my mouth with cum, it seemed like ages, I took it on all fours, on top, on my back..basically I just let them fuck me until they could fuck no more!

My owner removed my blindfold and brought me a glass of fizz, I sat on the sofa exhausted, I sipped my wine and slowly the guys started to get dressed, each smiled and thanked me and soon it was just me the owner and the guy who had cum first.

As we chatted I could see both guys where getting hard again..."do you want to cum?" my owner said I replied that I am not fussed but maybe if you let me ride you I will cum with you.

He laid back and struggled to stay hard with a condom, I pulled it off and started to suck him soon he was hard as a rock and I sat down on his bare hard cock and slowly started to ride him, god it felt good, the raw nature of it all got him really excited and his cock just seemed to get harder and harder.

His friend was wanking himself hard, I felt him apply some lube and squeeze a finger in between my owners cock and my now gapping man pussy, he then worked two fingers in and started to finger fuck me while I rode my owner, fuck I was so hard, drips of prostrate cum were coming out of my cock and I was shuddering with anal orgasm after orgasm.

"Try and Fuck me as well" I asked him, I sat down onto my owners cock and bent forward giving the other guy a possible way in, I felt him move round the back and then I felt his cock against my man pussy, twice he tried and it just ran up between my bum crack, but the third time managed to get the head in, I cried a little with pain and he stopped..."Don't stop" I screamed, this spurred him on and he let all his weight go and his cock slid deep into my hole, my owner shouted "oh yeah" and the guy on top started to fuck me and his mates cock.

I was now gone, I took another big sniff of poppers and started to climax, it just built and built, I started to shudder, P cum started to flow then I came...fuck did I cum...I shot cum all over the belly, chest and face of my owner, it seemed I could not stop and a 2nd and 3rd anal orgasm followed.

I held onto my owner and slowly came down, I felt their now soft and sticky cocks slide out of me and their cum dribble out of my man pussy, I sat with my back on the settee and cleaned both their cocks, taking every drop of cum I could whilst teasing my hole as their cum ran out...I felt another shudder, but that was us all spent and done for the day...

What a day, one I will never foget.