Written by Vyner

10 Sep 2012

My first experience wasn't in the cottage. I was too nervous but scribbled down a phone number I saw on a wall in the public toilets, in a small town on the West coast of Wirral that used to be a port before the river silted up.

I texted the number and arranged a meet, but when he arrived in the car park I made my excuses and bottled out. Later on I texted again and apologised and arranged a meeting in a layby on a major A road later that night.He arrived promptly and made the signal for me to join him. I was so nervous but got in his car. He was dressed in fishnet stockings, knee high boots and a lacy top his cock was soft and he was slowly wanking himself. all the years of thinking about a meeting and it finally just happened. I knelt in the passenger footwell of his car and took him in my mouth.

I held his balls and began doing what seemed so natural. I was sucking and using my toungue as best as I could, I tasted what I imagined to be his come and pulled him out of my mouth slightly. I held his cock end against my lips and soon I could feel him pumping his come against my lips. I started to come myself as I had been wanking all the time too. He tasted quite nice so I licked him clean before leaving. The whole time cars had been driving past us, I am sure to this day it's that which made the occasion so fantastic.

More true stories to follow soon.