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First time in gay sauna

"Sucked and fingered by two old men"

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Author's Notes

"Please respect my story as it is genuine experience."

Hi this is a true experience recently had.

I wanted to experience everything life brings. I am happy with my body average in all ways. I enjoy shaving my balls and trimming my cock hair and making sure it’s well oiled so that it looks silky and smooth being Asian.

I have over the years had the odd occasion of being penetrated. Younger years. To this day that feeling of being penetrated and having so much hot come inside me still remains a distant memory but one I cannot get out of my mind.

So you maybe asking what has this has got to do with saurna and two old guys.

I decide few weeks ago now in my 50s that I wanted to explore a saurna club so went to one in Blackpool. No expectations just wanted to get undressed be myself relax and see what goes on and if anything was to happen and I was comfortable I would go with the flow.

It was Sunday afternoon and once I entered I felt I had passed the point of not turning back. Was shown where to undress and where the lockers were, just like a regular I soon took off my cloths wrapped a Towals round me and entered the main area. Was really needing a piss so headed for the toilet on my way I could see few guys hanging around one at the foot of a door watching a porn slowly wanking his cock with a cock ring around it. Took a sneaky look at his cock

As I came out of the toilet I could see some rooms so started to explore the venue. Just as I imaged it to be. so carried on and ended up back to the centre I found the steam room so entred the room very hot so felt nice I was there not even a minuet and this very old man sat next to me took off his towel exposing a rather wrinkly old cock. Just how I like to see them before they get hard. Then another old guy came in both new each other and looked like they had been in for some time.

As I relaxed the guy next to me stated to touch my thigh and stated to say that it was lovely to feel such a strong thigh as he was doing this he was moving his hand up under my draped towel until he reached my semi erect cock. He then stated to say I love cock lots of cock. The other guy saw me allowing this to happen so came and sat on the other side of me.

Both taking it in turns to play with my cock. They removed the towel from me exposing me to anyone who would be coming in but I was not really bothered I thought the more the better experience even though I did not know what would be the end result.

Although I was amazed by this the attention got the better of me and I allowed them to play with me. One started to get his hand under my bum and began to finger my hole so I gently lifted one side to allow him a better access. With the heat of the steam and me getting hot I soon took his thick finger inside me. The other guy slowly got in front of me and dropped his towel and exposed his wrinkly cock that soon grew to about 8” cock it was right in front of me so like a greedy person just opened my mouth and began to suck it. Obviously these men felt they had hit the jack pot and asked me to follow them. Which I obviously agreed. We went through some areas I had yet to explore up some stairs into a very dark room. Both men joined me and as I removed my towel I had wrapped around to get there they both coordinated themselves so that one was sucking my cock and one began to rim me getting his tounge deep in. This felt like ages until they exchanged positions and then I felt the tip of the large cock against my entrance. This took me back to when I first experienced anal and it felt good. I offered an easier access by bending down and lifting my bum high as possible I felt some wet fluids which was lube and he rubbed it all round then tried getting deeper in me pushed two fingers in me which went in easily. Next thing I know is this cock entering me and beginning to thrust in and out of me loved it and I was sucking cock as well. This went on for a while my legs were shaking with joy. Yes he had a condom on but part of me wanted to feel the cum inside me. Maybe next time. ! anyway once he finished I managed to turn round for the other guy to suck me off. Whilst this was happening l looked up and could see three guys looking in and rubbing their cocks. It was a small room but another managed to get in and stared to feel my arse and as I did not resist he bent down and began to rim me and with his other hand started to rub his cock. I was really getting turned on by all this activity and I just tried to relax and let them work on me. All in all I managed a couple of cocks inside me and I could see at one point whilst I was getting fucked another guy was fucking behind him. First experience which I enjoyed and now wanting more. I am just looking forward to my next visit and hoping to find an older person whom I can be his younger play thing on a regular basis. More to tell later. I arranging to go coming weekend.

Written by raj47r

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