Written by Wallace

19 Dec 2011

I am a married bi. I met a young guy, Graham, via a gay phone line and was invited over to his place for some cock fun. When I arrived there was a second man about my age. I thought well, the more the merrier. His name was Tim. We watched some porn and I was feeling very horny. I could see bulges in both of the others' crotches. I was hungry for cock. We stripped off and I was able to ogle 2 lovely cocks. Graham was smaller than my 8 inches but was a thick 6 inches with a big bell-end. Tim however was massive. I had always had many complements on my size and girth but Tim was a thicker and longer 9 inches, the kind of cock you see in porn movies. I wanted some cock on cock fun and so I began to wank Graham with my hand round his and my own cock, rubbing the most sensitive parts of our bell-ends together. Tim was standing beside me, his huge member brushing my skin at my hip, his gland leaking pre cum. Graham's cock toowas releasing pre cum. I lay him on the bed and lined up our cocks together, and began dry humping, with long strokes of my cock up and down his glistening shaft. Mean while Tim positioned himself at my face and I could no longer resist, gulping his dick's purple, engorged end down my throat. I thrust faster against Graham as I could hear his breathing speeding up. Tim was fucking my mouth with long fast thrusts. I could hardly cope with the thick shaft moving with quickening pace in and out of my mouth. Graham could no longer hold out and 4 big spurts of cum shot over my bell end, and coating my shaft and balls with his thick youthful cum. Tim then let out a groan and released spurt after spurt in to my mouth, so much it was dribbling out the sides and onto Graham's chest. As Graham's cum lubricated my cock I reached my climax. I am a heavy cummer and spritzed about 8 huge jets of cum over Graham's cock and up his chest, mixing with the torrent Tim had exploded into my greedy mouth.The taste was amazing as I swallowed the rest of Tim's cum, licking his now softening monster cock. We repeated this with different positions, and rubbing against Tim's cock was a dream! Tim and Graham are now a devotees of frottage.