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Fucked bare again

"Return visit from previous guy"

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Author's Notes

"True story"

Day 2

After an amazing first day in the BnB, I thought I’d take it easy the next day.  The first guy I’d met told me he enjoyed our meet and wanted more.  I couldn’t have agreed more.  This time he told me that he wanted to fuck me.  I said I was happy to oblige him, but he said he didn’t have a condom and needed to use one.  I told him I only had one but he was welcome to it. He also said he didn’t have much time before meeting a friend and it would be a quickie.  That was ok by me.  I like to get to the point and it makes me feel even sluttier if the guy just comes there for pure sex, shoots his load and leaves.  I love being made to feel like a slut.


Again, I was naked on the bed on all fours as he walked in, this time with my ass pointing at him, as he had asked me to be.  I checked him out by looking down between my legs as he came in and saw his white briefs again and that lovely bulge.  I had put the condom on the bed, but a little way away. I wanted him bare in me but also wanted to let him choose.  I knew he would have seen it and I was curious to see if he would slip it on or not.


I could feel his bulge growing as he pressed himself against my ass cheeks, teasing my crack. This time I knew what was waiting for me in his pants and I was keen for it.  I vibrated my ass against his briefs and felt him harden more in response. 


Then a finger began to probe my hole, opening me up and after a while some lube was added, slipping his finger inside me.  Strangely it felt a bit uncomfortable and tight (even though I’d taken a fat cock only just the night before with ease).  Shortly after though he withdrew his finger and his now fully hardened cock found my hole. I was ready to feel him inside me.  To my delight, I looked across the bed and saw the condom lying, unopened on the bed. He was going in bare – mmmm, just what I wanted.  More poppers and a few moments of teasing my hole and he was inside.  Not as filling as the other guy but a good feeling, the heat of his meat warming my insides.


He had told me this would be a quickie and it was.  Just about 5 minutes of fucking and he was ready to cum.  It was too soon for me (my god, I was becoming a slut for cock in my ass! But what to do but enjoy it?). I wanted more fucking but he was ready to pop so I just encouraged him.


“Do you want it inside you?” he asked.  I murmured an ambiguous response and he began to pull out.  After a pause, I said, “cum in my mouth” I wanted to taste him again.  But it was too late. He erupted over my ass cheeks and I felt the warm splash of his cum coating my hole and ass.  Suddenly I was sad that he hadn’t unloaded inside me.  I wanted to feel that warm feeling again in my bowels.  “Stick it in my ass with your cock”, I told him which he did.  It wasn’t such a big load but it felt good having him push his spunk inside me and made me feel sluttier that I asked him to do it after he came.


“You ass is covered in cum” he said.  “Mmmm”, I moaned, “take some photos of it.  I pointed to my iPhone and he clicked away.  Another one for the album, I thought, nice.


He got up to get dressed and I spent the next few moments playing with his cum on my ass, feeling it slipping around my hole and sliding my creamy fingers inside me to push more inside. Again, I thought, how much I wanted to feel cum inside me. What was happening to me?  I was going from being a cum-drinker to be an anal cumslut…


By now, he had dressed and left, thanking me for the sexy fun.  But shortly after he messaged me to say that he’d left his lube there.  Oh well, I replied, you’ll just have to come back to collect it another day.  When he does, I’ll take his full load in my ass.  I hope he can make it before I leave here.


(More in Day 3)…..

Written by Bilondon08

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