Written by sandytheslut

5 Oct 2011

I'm a 41 yr old married guy, happily married, but from time to time i get an uncontrolable urge to have sex with other men. I 1st realised that i was bi when i was about 21. I used to love dressing in sexy undies and wanking myself off, sometimes whilst fucking my arse with a small vibrator, this progressed to me using bigger vibrators, dildos and sometimes vegatables, ie carrots, corchettes and even cucumbers. I then discovered public toilets with glory holes and i started to meet men there for sex. Over the years i've sucked loads of cocks and been fucked loads of times. In my normal life i'm dominate, but when i'm wearing sexy undies and having sex with men i'm very submissive.

Anyway i recently joined a site for gay and bi men. I browsed through the ads and profiles of men in my area and sent mail to a few that caught my eye. One guy in perticular got my attention, his name is Derek, he's 72 yrs old and the pictures of his cock, wow it looked great and i just had to try it. I sent him mail, he replied and over a few days we exchanged mail and phone numbers. As he is 72 he was free most of the time so i just had to let him know when i could make it.

Well, i got into work this morning and after sorting a few things out i had some spare time so could get out to meet Derek. I txt him to say i was free at about lunch time. He txt straight back and gave me his address. I txt him when i was on my way to say i'd be there in 10 minutes. I walked up to his front door, nervous as usual, and rang the bell. He opened the door and invited me in. He knew i love wearing undies and had told me that he had some for me to wear. He showed me to the bedroom, there were various items of clothing on the bed. He told me to help myself and to give him a shout when i was ready.

I sorted through the clothes, some very sexy undies there. I put on some black stockings, a red and black suspender belt, matching panties & bra and a pair of black high heeled court shoes. I shouted down the stairs to Derek and went back in to the bedroom. Derek came in to the room, now naked, his cock swinging between his legs, his big full balls hanging down. His cock looked lovely and was about 7 inches, just hanging there between his legs, i couldn't wait to get it hard to see how much it would grow.

He walked over to me, reached out and ran his hands over my bra covered nipples. They were roack hard under the fabric. His hands carried on down my body, brushing over my panties, his fingers touching lightly over my hardening cock, down over my thighs, rubbing over my stocking tops, then back up between my legs, round the back over my pantie covered arse. He caressed my body, teasing me, making me so horny, then he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on to my knees.

He stood right in front of me and told me to get him hard as he was going to fuck the arse off me. I reached up, cupped his balls in 1 hand and took hold of his growing cock in the other. I moved forward and licked round his big bell end before opening my mouth and taking just the tip inside. I licked all round the end and bobbed my head up and down on his cock. I could feel it growing in my mouth so took my lips off it so i could see the size of it. It was hugh, about 9 inches long and thick too. I took it back into my mouth, taking a bit more into my mouth each time, then Derek put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me forward, his big hard cock going to the back of my mouth. He pulled my head back at an angle and i felt his cock go right down my throat.

I love being used like that and he knew it. He kept me there with his cock down my throat, i could feel it throbbing in my throat. He then pulled back before thrusting it hard down my throat again, over and over again, fucking my face with hard deep thrusts. When he pulled his cock from my mouth, my spit was all over his cock and joined his cock to my mouth with a long string of spit.

He told me to get on the bed, spread my legs and hold them up. I did as he said, he got on the bed between my spread thighs, pulled my panties to the side and started to rim my tight puckered arsehole. I could feel his spit running down my crack, his tongue working into my hole. Then he grabbed some ky from the bedside draw and squirted some on my arse and his fingers. He rubbed it all round my twitching hole, then pushed a finger into me. He finger fucked my arsehole, loosening me up, then pushed another finger into me, then another. He was thrusting 3 fingers in and out of my arse and when he thought i was ready he pulled them out.

He moved right in between my spread thighs and rubbed his big hard cock around my wet arsehole. I felt his cock nudge at my entrance, my hole opened up to let him in. His big cock head opened me up and slipped inside me. He looked me straight in the eyes as he pushed a bit harder and his whole 9 inches slid into my arse. My stockinged legs were now up on his shoulders, his solid cock was deep in my arsehole, he looked me in the eyes and said, " Are you ready for a good hard fucking now, you horny little slut?" I looked him back in the eyes and said, " Oh yes, give it to me, fuck me hard, i want your big fat cock right up my arse and your cum deep inside me!"

He moved back, pulling his cock almost all the way out of my arsehole, then thrust hard and deep back into me, i let out a gasp as he rammed it back in. He liked that as he kept doing this for a while, making me gasp each time he thrust back in. He started to speed up, thrusting in and out of my arse, making me gasp louder each time he rammed it back in, then he started to talk dirty, " Take that you bitch, feel my cock deep in your arsehole you slut!" I responded with, " Oh yes, give it to me hard, fuck my arsehole good, give it to me, i love your big fat cock in my arse!"

He slowed right down cos he was getting close to shooting his load and he wanted to fuck me plenty more before filling me with his cum. He pulled out of my arsehole and told me to get on my knees. Once i was in position he moved in behind me and rammed his cock back up my arse. It took my breath away, i buried my head in the pillow as he thrust in and out of my arse. He fucked me hard and fast, then slowed and fucked me with long slow thrusts, then hard and fast again. He kept this going foe a good half hour, then pulled out and laid on the bed beside me.

I laid down beside him, my head level with his big wet cock, and took him in my mouth, tasting my arse on his cock. He pushed my head down hard on his cock telling me to, " Suck it you filthy whore ". I kept sucking, going up and down on his big hard cock. He let me carry on sucking him for a few minutes, then pulled me off and told me to sit on his cock and ride it hard.

I straddled his body, reached back taking hold of his cock and positioned it at mt oped fucked arsehole. I pushed down and it slid in to my arse. I slid right down on it, taking the whole length inside me. I then started to move up and down on his big throbbing cock, up and down, thrusting my body down hard each time. He reached out, pulled my hard cock from my panties and started to wank my throbbing cock as i rode his cock.

He told me to ride him hard and fast, i bounced up and down on his cock as hard and fast as i could. He kept a firm grip on my cock and started thrusting into me to meet my downward thrusts. " Thats it you slut, ride my cock, i'm going to spunk your arsehole in a minute, you are going to be dripping with my cum real soon!". This spurd me on, i was riding his cock really hard now, his groaning was getting louder, his thrusts getting harder, then he pushed hard into my arse, his cock throbbed deep inside me and his hot spunk erupted deep inside my arsehole. As he pumped his cum deep inside me i grabbed my own cock and wanked it hard and shot my cum all over his chest.

When we both came down from our high, i got off his cock and licked all my cum from his chest. Then we got in a 69 and sucked each others cocks clean. We laid on the bed for a while just talking, he told me i was a wounderful fuck and he wanted me again as soon as possible. I'm going round again next week! I got dressed and came back to work. I can still feel his cum running out of my arsehole, roll on next week cos i cant wait to be a slut for him again.