Written by MikeLittz

17 Feb 2015

I was on my way home from work one day last week when I stopped off at my local toilets to see if there was anybody cruising, as I've been lucky before. Standing at the latrine was a tallish, athletic guy, dressed all in black - black shoes, black trousers, black jacket. The jacket was a short, padded one so it only reached his waist, so you could see his great arse. When I got closer I could see that he was Asian, and in his 20s or 30s. These guys scrub up so well these days. He had a trimmed black beard, and he was incredibly handsome. Long athletic legs, sexy arse, he was as horny and sexy as fuck. I went to the latrine but one space away from him and had a pee, but I could see he wasn't doing anything, just holding his cock. Cool, I thought, this is a good sign. I finished my business and just stayed there, as did he. He continued to hold his cock, as I did mine. Mine began to grow in my hand and I noticed his was too. He started to tug slowly on it. I gestured over to the cubicles. He nodded. There was no one else around but I put my cock back in my trousers. I didn't zip up though. He did the same, trying to flop his growing brown member back into those sexy trousers. I practically dived into the cubicle and he followed quickly, and I closed and locked the door. I immediately got down on my knees, overcome

with lust for this sexy guy, and started to fish out his cock. It had got quite hard so I pulled it out of his flies and just popped it in my mouth and began to suck, gently at first, then building up speed. I made sure I had a good feel of his sexy arse through those trousers while I sucked. I was sucking very greedily. I've done practically everything there is to do in my time, but never before had I experienced such lust. I sucked on his cock for all I was worth, hoping to get rewarded soon. There was no way I wasn't going to guzzle down every last drop. I didn't have to wait much longer, and I held his trousered arse cheeks as he shot his load into my mouth. It quickly went down my throat and to the tubes beyond. He was still hard, so I undid his trousers and let them fall to his ankles, and pulled down his underpants. I dropped my trousers more quickly than I think I've ever done before, and pushed my pants down with equal speed. I wasn't expecting it but he got down on his knees and took my dick in his mouth. He sucked slowly and gently on it, but I knew what I wanted and I was going to ask for it. I pulled out a condom from my jacket pocket (I always carry them) and said 'I want you to fuck me. Will you fuck me?'. He nodded. Not believing my luck, I pulled out a sachet of lube (also carried) and lubed myself as best I could. I ripped open the condom wrapper but he grabbed it off me and rolled it down his cock himself. He was obviously used to doing it. He sat himself down on the bog with his legs wide apart and I lowered my arse down onto his cock, spreading my cheeks as I went, wanting to make sure I felt every inch of it. When our balls had met, I bounced up and down on his rubbered cock for all I was worth, riding it as deep as I possibly could. I did this for what turned out to be a few precious minutes until he let out a quiet groan and slapped my arse. He'd shot his load and I lifted myself up. Without any fuss, he took off the condom, wiped his cock and pulled up his pants and trousers and left, leaving me to finish myself off. I locked the door, sat down on the bog and wanked myself off, groaning as I came, not caring if anyone heard. It was a great fuck, one of those once in a lifetime ones.