Written by Toby

11 Jun 2009

Ithink that story written by keith is about me.the toilets he mentions are a couple of miles outside ripon I have sex with guys there all the time.they closed about a year ago before they closed a lot of guys used them to have sex,I,ve been going inti them for about 3 years.the partitions between the cubicles had great holes in them.I regularly spent hours in there dressed in nothing but bra and briefs.some of the guys turned up all the time just to be wanked or sucked off.I,ve done 3 guys at once wanking with both hands while sucking another one off.

When the weather is nice i like to walk along the road dressed in my sexy shorts,guys always look at me and like keith every so often pick me up.You know when they are after sex the way they look at the front of your shorts while they are talking to you.Very often i,m in their car for a matter of seconds when their hand is up the leg of my srorts fumbling for my cock.

They like to think they are the first guy to take advantage of you and are then really turned on when they see my girlie undies.I bet 90% of them are married guys.Don,t get me wrong i love playing with guys cocks i,ve swallowed gallons of spunk,i love the variety of cocks i love trying to work out how long guys wiil last but most of all i love bringing them off.

Older guys are great,i get guysin their 70s who have difficulty getting it up.Ive taken some of them in the woods behind the toilets and got them to strip naked I just wear my undies it really gets them going,i don,t think i,ve failed yet to get a limp cock hard and bring it off.The other thing that seems to work is that i remove all my body hair even between my arse cheeks,some guys just want to feel all over my body rubbing their fingers all over my balls and my cock.

I don,t do anal I don,t need to,but i do let guys come off between my arse cheeks,yes there are guys who try hard[excuse the pun] to get it into me but if you know how to use your arse cheeks you can bring them off before they succeed.If that don,t work i do an about turn take their cock in my mouth and suck them off,they always settle for that.

Theres one older guy who now always turns up in girlie undies the full set,he likes me to wank him off through the pants then he takes them off and gives them to me soaked in his spunk he thinks i keep them,he always has another pair in his pocket and puts them on before he leaves.The other thing i really like is how their spunk leaves their cocks,some guys shoot it yards other just ooze it out.One older guy comes off without any spunk coming from him but in every sense of the word he does come off.

Whoever keith is I,m sure the pleasure was all mine but i don,t particularly remember your cock in my mouth.