Written by Little John

15 Mar 2017

Just a quick, I drive a taxi, no never had an luck with a passenger but sat nite I was cranking for a pee, I'd just dropped off a couple in alysfird heading for Chatham. So I stopped along the old Maidstone Road kits catty, . There's a little pathway halfway along the hill so I dived in there had a pee an a bit of a pull on my clock then headed for my car, as I stepped onto the path a tyranny was by my taxi, my clock throb ed, can I help, she smiled depends if you cam in there or not, I'd seen her before she was from Maidstone, she lifted her skirt to reveal a massive cock solid an ready for action, I moved back into the trees she followed, nothing was said she turned an bent over, I fished me cock out an gently eased into her man hole it was well lobbed an open, harder you fuck the better I like it, . . Well I'd like to say I funked her for hours but it was about 5mins. An I was gushing up her, she turned I went straight down an sick that lovely cock spanked over my face an shirt but it felt wonderful we grouped each other for a little then she walked off with my number, I do hope she rings I want more of that, . Quick hard an dirty live it