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I was worried

"Doggie style in his living room"

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True and honest.

He, bob, is my gay friend I found by chance on a one off trip to gaydar who lives lucky for me locally.

We communicate by email as it's easiest as I'm married to a menopausal wife who I love but just is not interested in anything intimate. I'm sure you know the score.

Bob had not replied in days, almost 2 weeks and I was getting worried. He has some health issues and I feared the worst. So I called round on my day off unannounced with a note expecting him not to be there. Well he was, I caught him grabbing some lunch before going out. He was surprised but pleased to see me and we embraced and kissed once I'd stepped in. We got chatting and as usual bob was just busy helping friends and family and just crap at replying. As we talked he became more pleased to see me. Having got to the sofa our kisses became more frequent and passionate and his hands were exploring. So we were now getting passionate like teenagers and not middle aged men. Bob was in my trousers and under my shirt exploring and all the time we were deeply kissing. I got his cock out and lent forward to suck it while he ran his hands over any part of me he could. I had made sure I was clean and prepared just in case bob was in and those devilish thoughts came over me and I knew he had to have me. So I sat up slipped off the sofa on to my knees pulled what remained of my trousers down and bent over the chair seat and offered him my bum. He got on his knees and slipped in my prepared hole and I sighed and pushed back. We started fucking and I pulled my top over my head and burried my face in the chair while he explored my back and held my hips.

We took a breather and I turned round to play with him and rub cock together while kissing. Then I wanted more so turned and assumed the position again.

This was fun and passionate and hot and urgent like you might imagine it but was really happening.

I wanted bob to finish in me but for whatever reason I turned again and kissed him and we played with our cocks and each other and I turned again for him to enter me. Then after more fucking and adjusting to get him as deep as possible I turned and this time after kissing and cock fondling I bent down and sucked and wanked bob to completion. Some I swallowed, some on my hands, some on my lips as I kissed bob again as he came down from his high. He looked exhausted but happy.

It was a quick passionate and fun unexpected session with my gay occasional lover and a 'nice' reminder to him to remember to reply to emails.

Written by tigerplay

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