Written by Fun6

28 Sep 2015

I thought I would share some good experances.

I had bee chatting to gay/bi cupple a few hundred miles away from me for a while , doing some remote sub stuff via Skype ,which involved me basically abusing my self on cam for Tom some time with his partner and without.

One day I told Tom that I may get a weekend pass from the wife and my be a chance to play for a while and possibly come for a visit .

The arangmets were made and the discussion of what I would be expected to do and or perform and what my limits were.

Tom said That I should become there sex toy for the weekend and some of their friend s would also like to be involved ,and I would be treated like a dog but with bdsm and sex involved. I am kinky but never done anything like this before but it sounded fus so I agreed and the date was set arrangements made.

I drove to rather meeting place previously agreed I had take precautions and let a frend know what I was up to well not totally but where I was.

On arriving at the car park pre arranged I found Tom in a white van , I climbed in beside him bag in hand, after exchanging greetings it was down to business .

Get in to the back and put on what you find bitch he instructs , I found a dog coller lead ankle and wrist straps and a cock restraint als a gag to keep my mouth wide open , I soon striped and put on my gear. " this if what you will have on for the weekend bitch " he started the van and move off you will have so much cock an cunt the next few day you won't believe it , he fumbles and his cock is out an hard a good eight inches and cut fat and very juicy , get up here a suck me with that gaping fuck hole of a mouth , I move between the seats lean over and take his cock deep in to my forced open mouth,he held my head pushing his dick deep into my throat , commanding me to do it harder and harder ,my cock began to stir an get harder but the metal restraint ment I could not get fully hard and began to be painfull but strangely pleasurable .

Afte about ten to fifteen minutes we arrive at the house, he reversed in to the drive stoped the van lifted my head from his still hard erection " I'll let you out the back I scammed to the rear door stood waiting for him to open if , " get on the fucking floor dog you only stand when I tell you" l obayd aat once and he led me to the front door o it was opened by Trevor his partner " what a lovely fuck dog we are going to have some real fun once we get yo trained "

He took hold of the lead pulling me to the kitchen , in the corner was a vert large dog cage with a bowl of water an a chain ,he clipped me to the chain and took the mouth gag off. You are going to be our dog for the weekend we and our friends will. Train you with lot of tricks and if you are very good you can have a little pal tonight. To play with and do tricks for us.

At that I was told to get in the cage which I did and I was locked in.

After about an hour Tom lets me out put the lead on in his hand he has a strap and a but plug with a tail which is inserted in my ass and I am told to wag it which I do but he straps me hard do or better bitch , I never can so plenty of strokes and a red soar bum cheeks. He then takes me to the bath room to piss in the bath and a flush using the shower pipe preparing me for fucking re enserting the plug .

After drying ruturn to the cage to wait.

To be continued soon