Written by Learner

28 Oct 2011

I booked into a small B&B in Blackpool,I was intending to look for some gay sex,I'm a 19 yr old male that my mates and my family all think I'm 100% hetro,but in my private thoughts I'm always thinking of sex with another man.Last year on a visit to Southport I stripped down to my undies in an isolated bit of the sand dunes nearby and was lucky enough that a guy in his 60s liked what he saw and we ended up naked and even if it was a bit embarrassing for me,I had all kinds of thoughts that when it first happened,it would be mutual wanking leading to a sucking session and then I would fuck him or he would fuck me,but it didnt happen like that.I knew right away that he was going to approach me.I was layed on my back,pretending to be half asleep,I was wearing just a pair of very brief undies,he looked at me and then walked on a bit,then he came back and asked me if I had the time,I opened my eyes pretending to be startled,the way he was looking at me started to get me going and having been having a bit of a wank before I heard him coming my cock was already semi erect.

I told him the time but then he started to chat,the weather,it was so peaceful etc,he was standing above me,he was wearing a pair of cutoff shorts,I could clearly see his hand in his pocket playing with his cock,he was making no attempt to hide what he was doing,I knew this was it.I could feel my cock twitch in the tight undies and I could see that he'd noticed it also,he kept looking around to make sure we were alone.

The first more personal question,how old are you,I'm old enough I said,no idea why I said that,you keep yourself fit he said,you must work out,I bet the girls fancy you,I bet thats pleased a few,he was talking about my cock which by now was near enough erect and wanting to be set free,I remember just shrugging my shoulders and saw that look of lust come over his face,he decided to take his chance.

He looked around again and then got down on his knees beside me,he touched my nipples with his fingertips,his breathing was rasping,I was a bit surprised how aroused he had become,I had'nt even realised he already had a hardon,nothing was being said now.He pushed me backwards onto the sand again and started to slowly move his hand down my tummy,my cock came clear of the waistband of my undies,I don't think I'd ever known it to twitch and throb so much.This was it my first gay sex,when his fingers touched the head of my cock I almost stopped breathing,I did my best to stop my hips moving but they instinctively moved upwards in that fucking movement.

He undid his shorts and pushed them down,he did'nt have undies on,his cock was solid,I lifted my hips to let him push my undies down,he started to wank me and everything I thought I would do was forgotten,all I could think was fucking hell please don't come off,but it had already started,that deep down feeling you get as you are going to cum,almost the more I tried to stop it the more it was going to happen,and then I could'nt stop it,this was not what I'd planned.He just wanks me faster and faster,much faster than he was wanking himself,pointing my cock into the air as I started to shoot my spunk,I felt it land back on my tummy.He kept wanking me until I stopped cumming,I could'nt believe how laid back he was about me cumming so quickly,as he let go of my cock he was saying,well its been nice meeting you,just small talk as he put his own cock back inside his shorts,he had'nt bothered to wank himself off,be careful how you go he said and got up and walked away.

I felt completely deflated,I enjoyed him wanking me off but there was so much I wanted to do,he had an impressive cock but I had'nt even touched it,instead I'd just shot my load.The B&B was a one star job,this guy showed me to a room on the second floor,very old fashioned,I'll show you the bathroom he said,it was a couple of doors further along,just a shower on this floor he said,if you want a bath theres one on the next floor down,he went through the motions of showing me how it worked,then he was gone.

I went and lay on my bed naked and ended dozing off to sleep,it was going dark when I woke up,the heating was on and the room was sweltering,I was covered in sweat.

With just my washing gear and a towel around me I went for a shower.The room consisted of a washbasin and a shower tray with just a bit of room to put your gear,there was'nt a lock on the door.I got the shower to work and I'm washing myself when the door opens and a guy comes in,he's dressed in a pair of miniscule white almost seethrough briefs which leaves nothing to the imagination.he had his towel over his shoulder,hiya he said,you're new as he removes his tiny briefs,he's completely shaven,no pubic hair,my mouth was so wide open I was swallowing water and felt myself getting a hardon,he was already pulling on his cock,nice to see some new flesh arond here he said,you're a big boy,he reached for my cock,his was hardening.

I was just about to be handled by an expert,this was'nt going to be a quick wanking session,this was going to be the real thing.