Written by Drew32

9 May 2009

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy my recent account of a trip to France.

I had to go there for a couple of days last week and found a small hotel in Nimes central, which was quite close to the airport. As I knew I was going, and knew I’d be horny on my own I decided to check out places of interest within the town and came across an all male sauna which wasn’t far from my hotel. So after diner I plucked up the courage to go and see what happens…

When I went in the receptionist informed me they were closing early, so I only had about one and a half hours, fine I thought, but it also probably means they aren’t busy! I was right, there were only about six guys there, all about my age (42) and they all looked like they looked after themselves also like me. I got changed and had a shower before walking through the place to get my bearings etc., they had a steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi etc., and several rooms, some with leather swings in, which I thought looked interesting. They also had a TV room where two guys who were obviously partners were enjoying wanking each others cocks, nice I thought, so I left them to it.

I then went into the Jacuzzi for a few minutes, their were a couple of other guys in there too, but nothing happened, after wandering around for a bit, time was getting on, so I thought I’d have a couple of minutes in the steam room before having another shower and leaving. So there I am just sitting down on the tiled seating area, enveloped in steam when I see another guy walk in, one I hadn’t seen before. He was about mid twenties, with a nice slim hairless body, about five six tall and short cropped black hair. He came over to where I was and stood in front of me, his hand reached out and started to stroke my thigh, as I gave no reaction his hand worked it’s way to my hardening cock with this I let my foot touch his leg as a sign of appreciation, he needed no further encouragement, next thing he’s on his knees in front of me licking and sucking my cock, nice I thought, we haven’t said word to each other, but we both knew what the other wanted.

While he was sucking my cock I heard him open a condom and he expertly slipped it on me, then some lube before he got up, turned around and worked my cock into his hole, he felt great and he expertly rode my cock for several minutes. As I wanted to take charge I got him to stand up and turned him round and got him to bend over the tiled seat for support, and then again pushed my cock into his arse, holding onto his slim hips and forcing him to use the seat for support I began to fuck him good and proper, something he enjoyed from the sounds he was making, as I was about to cum, I pulled out, slipped the condom off and shot my cum all up his back. This again was something he seemed to enjoy. We relaxed for a few moments before making out way to the shower, where I turned him to face me, the first time I’d seen his face, I then kissed my way down his body, pinching and licking his nipples on the way. Then it was my turn to be on my knees with a hard cock in my face, so as their was only one thing to do, so I licked his shaft from his balls to the tip and back down again, this time I sucked his balls, which is something I know I enjoy both giving and receiving. Then I let my tongue run up the underside of his shaft until I reached the tip of his uncut cock, circled it a couple of times, then sucked it into my eager mouth. Unfortunately he didn’t last long, as soon as I was getting into a nice rhythm I felt his balls tighten, his cock twitch and the first spurt hit the roof of my mouth, I pulled away and let the rest of his cum splash onto my chest, spitting out what was in my mouth, the warm water washing us both clean.

As I left him to recover in the shower, I made my way to the changing room, dried myself off and got dressed, as I left the sauna, I saw him enter the changing room, we both smiled at each other but still not a word had been spoken.