Written by A Newman

19 Aug 2011

The "wood" was just an area of overgrown bushes but appeared to be fairly well used,the only thing that was said was when he sensed my nervousness,it's ok he said,it's safe a lot of us know each other and as I said the coppers don't bother us,they know if we don't do it here where it's fairly private it'll be somewhere else.There were some hidey holes amongst the bushes,but not very well hidden were the occupants of the other car,they were both naked,these were'nt the model type bodies I'd watched on the internet,these were just ordinary men,a middle aged looking chap,bald with a bit of a belly,there was a younger chap kneeling in front of him his hands holding the cheeks of the older chaps arse as he sucked on his cock.

I was'nt sure if I should look or not even though the older chap was looking straight at us as he's been sucked.He spoke to my friend, afternoon Keith,he said,we have a visiter then,not just watching today then,you could join us and make a foursome,your friend's nice looking.His young friend stopped sucking and stood up and looked towards us,his eyes travelled up and down my body,wow he said,I could suck that,why not make a foursome,he was young,slim and blonde his body completely hairless,we could all do with some new cock he said,I don't know how often I've sucked you two old timers off,though I'm not complaining,you know I love both your cocks,it was the typical male banter I was familiar with amongst my mates,I was'nt expecting it here.

My friend agreed to join them,responding to the young chaps jibe about sucking their cocks with,we could do with some new arse as well,I've forgotten how many times I've fucked yours,then laughing he added,but I'm not complaining you have a lovely arse for fucking.I felt a slight shudder of fear go through my body,I'd never had my arse fucked and even though I'd inserted all kinds of things while I was wanking I was always in control of what size and how far in.

The older chap had become a little impatient,his cock had gone almost limp,less talk and more action he said,get your mouth back around this,he was holding his cock,his hand going on the young chaps head pushing him downwards.Both my friends and my own cock had regained full erection during this little exchange,he'd already put his clothes on a branch,he took mine from me and placed them on his,then he dropped to his knees took hold of my cock giving me four or five wanks before feeding it into his mouth,I could'nt believe how much effort it took to stop myself spunking during that first 30 seconds or so that my cock was having its first ever sucking,then I started to relax into it and appreciate the touch of his tongue and the intense of his mouth,one hand was gripping my arse while the other was squeesing but not hurting my balls,but I had to move him off it was becoming a bit too much,I could'nt have held on.

For the first time in my life I'm on my knees holding another mans cock in my hand,the other two had also changed places,the older chap is now sucking the young chaps cock and I could see his hand wanking his own cock hard and fast as he did so.My friend held my head and pulled me onto his cock,I was'nt sure what to expect,what would a cock taste like,what would it feel like,it tasted perfect,it felt perfect,I was sucking my first cock.

The other two,disengaged from each other and came towards us,I could see the young chaps cock dripping with saliva from the older chaps mouth,the older chap continued to wank himself as he closed in on us,he was going behind me,I felt his hand come between my legs from behind,first finding my balls then my cock,it was nice.The young chap was already almost face to face with me as he was obviously rubbing his cock up and down between the cheeks of my friends arse,having moved my hands away...was this going to be the first time I would see one man fuck another mans arse....skin on skin....was I about to get my own arse fucked....was my arse going to be fucked once,twice or three times,I did'nt know then where this was going,I did't know if I would feel for the first time my foreskin being pushed back to the limit as I experienced my cock go deep into a mans arse for the first time.......later......wanking !!!!!!!!!!!!.