Written by Sammy

11 Mar 2009

I,m a 19 year old trainee hairdresser,some people might think I,m a bit effeminate,it dose,nt worry me.I stayed over in a travel hotel recently after attending an interview.I had a drink in the bar after dinner.I went to the loo to have a pee,a chap of about 50 followed me in,he stood beside me at the stall,I glanced down,I know I should,nt do but I was just curious.He saw me looking,as I washed my hands he came to the basin beside me,just here for one night he said,yes I answered.

I went back in the bar,he came in went to the bar and brought two vodka and cokes to my table,mind if I join you I saw you get a vodka and coke earlier,thanks I said.We chatted about various things including hairdressing.He bought several more drinks,he started talking about how his wife had gone off sex,a bit explicit about what they used to do together,we were both slightly drunk.

I,ve got some more drink in my room he said as the bar closed,fancy a nightcap,I did actually,We went to his room,he poured some vodka he was talking sex.I find these rooms so hot he said as he casually started to remove his clothes,he stripped to a pair of white very small briefs,they did,nt leave a lot to the imagination,a sisable dick was evident.Another drink he said as he refilled my glass and pulled his chair up beside mine.I was sure his dick was getting bigger bulging more in his briefs.He put his hand on my thigh,I did,nt stop him.

As he talked he moved his fingers up the front of my pants as he smiled at me.I started to get an erection,he could feel it he stopped talking his breathing was faster.He undid my zip,his dick was becoming erect trying to push out of his briefs.He slipped his fingers inside my pants and touched my dick,not a word was said.My erection was out the top of my undies,he squeesed gently on the swollen head.He pushed my pants down,I removed them followed by my shirt.His dick released itself standing straight up from his briefs.He pulled mine down,I let him remove them he removed his own.He wanked me with one hand as he wanked himself with the other,he took his hand off his own dick and pushed my knees apart,he knelt between my legs and took my dick in his mouth.

I just let him suck me,I liked it.After a couple of minutes he stood up between my legs his dick just short of my mouth,he was oozing precum.He very gently pulled my head forward onto his dick,I opened my mouth for it,he moaned loudly as I sucked him swallowing his salty precum.I want to suck you off he said as he took his cock from my mouth,will you suck me off at the same time,yes I said and I really wanted to.We got on the bed arranging ourselves in the 69 position,I was suddenly aware of how nice his balls looked,I hoped he liked mine,his hung really low.

We took each others dicks in our hands and wanked he squeesed gently on my balls,I liked that,I squeesed his.I felt my dick slip into his mouth he started sucking it,I took his in and returned the compliment.We were both eager I instinctivly knew he was about to come,I could feel his urgency and his dick swelling even more, it made me want to come.The first shot of hot cum hit my throat then my mouth was filling rapidly as he kept cumming.His mouth tightened on my dick I started to shoot my cum,I did,nt know if he was still cumming I,d already swallowed loads,I seemed to keep cumming forever,it was brilliant.I can,t remember going to sleep.He was coming out of the shower as I woke,completely naked.Good morning he said smiling broadly,cup of tea.I was still half asleep as he sat on the bed with the tea still naked,he did,nt have an erection but he had a lovely dick.He slipped his hand under the bedclothes and fondled mine,I got an immediate erection.He pushed the bedclothes off and put his tea down,I watched his dick become erect,I just lay there and let him play with me.