Written by Sammy

13 Mar 2009

I still felt a bit drunk from last night, he seemed to be fine.I just lay on my back and let him wank me.He played with his own now fully erect dick,his hand went between my legs and fondled my balls,I spread my legs apart ,it was nice.Suddenly aware that my belongings were in my room,what time is it I asked,half seven he replied we have plenty of time,he continued to gently and slowly wank both our dicks.He smelt nice from his shower,I needed one.I need my bag from my room I said.You stay here I,ll fetch it,my keys were on the table.

He put his shirt on then his trousers,struggling a little with his erection,I found myself smiling.He was back in a couple of minutes and straight out of his clothes,his dick had subsided,I was still fully erect.I need a shower I said and sat on the side of the bed,come on he said I,ll help you,his dick was standing up again.The warm water was nice,his soapy hands on my body were even nicer,I just let him do it.He soaped my dick and balls to a lather wanking me as he did so.I had to grab his hand he was neatly bringing me off,sorry he said.He rinsed and dried me his hand never far from my dick.

Are you ready to give me some attention he asked,I smiled and started to wank him,he moaned his appreciation.He lay on the bed his legs apart,his dick looked massive,faster he said I won,t come off.I wanked him as fast as my wrist would allow,I would have come off by now.He started to wank me faster and faster,I had to slow his hand down.Go on wank me wank me he said over and over,wank me off.I could no longer stop his hand wanking me and I knew I was coming.His body lifted off the bed in an arch his spunk suddenly shooting into the air.I could feel every spurt come through the shaft mirroring my own massive ejaculation.He was covered in his own cum and quite a bit of mine.We seemed to stay in that position for some time holding each others dicks tightly.

We needed to shower again.It was a little embarrassing but I had,nt packed clean undies,let me he said as he reached in his bag and handed me a pair of his tiny briefs,they look good on you he said,remember me when you wear them.I,ll buy you breakfast.