Written by Trainman

17 Aug 2018

I followed them back to the car park and watched as the guy with the big cock leaned the young guy across the bonnet of one of the cars and pulled down his shorts so he was naked. He put on a condom, spat on his hand and told the young guy to spread his cheeks. One guy offered the lad some poppers and as the smell drifted through the air he took two long draws, reached round and parted his gorgeous firm ass cheeks. By now there were 4 or 5 guys stood alongside them, all wanking as the guy slipped his thick cock into the young guys love hole. He started to fuck him real fast and real hard and the young guy spread his feet and his arms. He couldn't last and within a few minutes he moaned and his hips shook as he filled his condom and slowly pulled his cock from the young lads warm hole. He pulled off the condom and shaking his spunky cock let some of his cum fly onto the lads cheeks. Someone in a car behind turned on their lights and we could all see the young lad, naked, legs apart, spunk dribbling down his ass, waiting for the next cock.

An older guy stepped forward and squatting down began to rim the young lad's hole as another tearing a condom packet moved in and without waiting slipped his cock into the beautiful young ass. Over 15 minutes 5 guys fucked the young lad, most leaving their cum all over his young ass .... all the time he'd been drawing on poppers so after 15 minutes he was high .... he knelt down on the floor, naked and started to wank his cock looking at those us left. I stepped forward and taking hold of his head guided my cock between his lips .... that got another guy to walk over and he slapped his cock against the lads face as I had him gagging.

3 of us fucked his face at the same time, he was so horny for it .... swapping our cocks in his mouth, wanking the ones he wasn't sucking till we spunked all over his face, tits and belly .... as he knelt there in the headlights, cum all over him a guy came out of the car whose headlights had been switched on, walked over to the lad and helping him up from the ground, wiped the cum from his body and ass, handed him his clothes then walked him back to the car and drove off.

They were obviously a couple who liked to have perv cock play .... the older partner watching as his young plaything got used.

I'm hoping to see them again next time I'm there at night.

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