Written by Lucky Man

21 Nov 2013

There is a spa in Berkshire that has underwear days and you can wear what you like.

Well most days I am wearing female underwear anyway but to be able to parade around in it and get some interaction whilst I'm wearing it is so sexy. It has to be tried if you haven't done it.

I entered the spa and changed from my normal lace thong to full basque with suspenders, stockings and lace thong. My wife says I look better in them than she does, I've never admitted to her that I do...

I wandered out into the main area, as mentioned this is underwear so not just female lingerie, it could be lycra, PVC, leather anything. There were a couple of other guys in tights and lycra style pants but at that time I was the only fully dressed in lingerie guy...and I loved it.

It didn't take long for a couple of guys to start talking to me, I said I was a sub bottom guy and looking to be fucked.

They both said they were top and one said he liked to dominate. I replied that he'd better tell me how he was going to fuck my ass and how I was to take their cum then. With that their eyes lit up and we all wondered off to a private room.

When I say private room, whilst you could close the door, it had no lock and there were windows all around the room for anyone to look in. This was great as I like to be watched.

as soon as we were in the room the dom guy told me to suck his cock. I bent over and started to fill my mouth with his lovely semi hard cock, it soon sprang into life and was hard in my mouth fucking my face.

The other guy was behind me and I felt my lace thong pulled down to the top of my thighs. I felt a cold liquid smeared between my cheeks and a finger pushed into me, more lube was applied and then a hard cock head was at the entrance to my ass.

Within 10 minutes of being in the spa my knickers were pulled down and I was being spit roast. A hard cock in both of my holes fucking me. It was heaven.

I could feel them with their hands all over my body and touching my cock and balls, pulling at my nipples and pushing their cocks deep into me at both ends.

The dom guy said it was time to change ends, he said he was not far off cumming and wanted it in my ass.

As they turned me around I saw a couple of other guys watching and wanking, I remember thinking, I hope they don't cum too quick, not until these two have finished please.

My mouth was presented with the cock that was just fucking my ass, it was all lubed up and 10 seconds ago had been deep in my ass, I opened my mouth and took it straight in. I could taste myself on his cock and it was lovely, knowing he had been fucking my ass. the dom guy now entered my ass with his cock, he moaned and said how tight I was and loved entering me, he went hard at it and was pushing as deep into me as he could, after a couple of minutes he cried out and fucked me faster and harder than ever, all I heard was his long moan of "fuck, cuming" as he fucked me in and out whilst spurting cum into me...

I grabbed the guys cock in front of me and wanked him hard and fast, in a couple of seconds he shot his load all over my face and covered me in his cum, some in my mouth, some over my face.

As they both stepped back another guy stepped forward, and just to finish me off, grabbed the back of my head and shot his load all over my face.

what a beautiful 30 minutes it had been