Written by paulhi

19 Sep 2012

This happened yesterday. I was shopping in town i needed a pee so decided to use the nearest toilets I knew they were well known for cottaging fun but it was 10.30 in the morning so didn't expect anyone to be there.

As you walk in there are two cubicles you walk past these to the urinals I didn't take much notice although I could see both cubicle doors were shut. I had a pee and was about to leave when the two cubicle doors opened and two guys went over to the sinks it was obvious they were checking to see if I was interested I stood at the urinals and turned round holding my cock to show I was interested.

One of the guys was in his fifties on the fat side the other was late twenties slim and good looking.The older guy went to the front of the toilet door and shouted it's OK. Another guy came in his late fifties he stood by the door as lookout.

I was now really up for it the older fat guy told me to come here and get on my knees I walked over near to the door so the guy keeping lookout could watch for anyone and he could also get a good view of the action.

I dropped to my knees and the two guys took their trousers down I reached out for their cocks one in each hand the fat guys cock was very thick and lots of hair and I noticed big balls he obviously liked to be in control, the younger guys cock was thinner and trimmed pubes.

The older guy liked giving orders suck cock slut he shouted, I got the older guys cock in my mouth it was thick really thick as I wanked the other guy the older guy pulled my hair as he face fucked me hard. I looked up and saw him and the younger guy kissing.

I moved to suck the younger guys cock he wasn't as rough it tasted good.

The older guy was bending over holding his arse cheeks open and ordered me to rim his arse by now I was so horny I'd do anything. I pulled open his arse and started to lick and suck his hole I couldn't get enough I got my tongue deep in.

The older guy then said your turn and I rimmed the younger guys arse a lovely arse hole the younger guy suddenly turned round and shot his load a big load all over my face I sucked and licked all the cream off his cock. The older guy pushed his cock into my mouth again all the way I was gagging but he pushed harder then he moaned and I felt a gush of hot cum hit the back of my throat I swallowed it all and cleaned his cock.

The younger guys was now keeping lookout the other guy grabbed my head and was was pushing his cock in my mouth hard. I could still taste the older guys cum and my face was covered with the younger guys. This guy didn't last long he shot a load allover my face as with the other guys I licked and sucked his cock clean. I always like to clean a guys cock for him.

I was on my knees my face covered in spunk and the older fat guy laughed and said we will see you again dirty slut you'll want it, we will meet at my place next time and gave me his mobile number.He shouted as he left call me on Friday and he's right I will I want to be used by them again and soon.