Written by Derek

6 Aug 2012

I pulled up at a old picnic car park the other day,I wasnt expecting anybody to be there,its been abandoned for a long time.Weird as it might seem I've used it a couple of times to strip off and have a quick wank,I know ,you're thinking how fucking sad,but wer'e al different and I like to and thats my thing.I was'nt expecting for another car to be there,the lad did'nt look old enough to drive,a lot of them don't these days.I parked up and looked across at him,he looked at me and smiled,I could see he was wearing a white teeshirt,I thought he'd drive away,but he kept looking in my direction and smiling.

As I looked in his direction he takes off his teeshirt,it was a warm day so maybe it was just that,at first I was'nt sure but his movement suggested he was handling himself and that started to get me sxually aroused,so I push my pants and undies down around my ankles,get my hankie out,always do that to prevent any spunk staining to the company car.

As I looked towards him again he pushed his car door open,I don't know why I was surprised but sure enough he was as naked as the day he was born,I could'nt believe how young he looked,pale skin and boyish,he turned around on the seat and puthis legs out of the door and spread them wide apart,no hair and I mean pubic,first time I've seen that,I've read that it happens these days but I've never seen it,unbelievably fucking sexy.

He stood up,he was only small but I was stunned at how fantastic he looked,pale smooth skin,as I said no pubic hair,tight little balls and above them a gorgeous erect cock,he stood there facing me making his cock move without touching it,I already needed my hankie,he walked towards me wanking himself,there was only a couple of yards between us anyway but now he was litterally at my car door,the only part of him that was'nt pale was the swollen head of his cock which glistened a bright pink as it moved in and out of his foreskin.

I had read about but never thought about sucking a cock,but right now I wanted to suck that,he opened my door and smiled when he saw my cock in my hand,not a word was spoken.He got down on his knees took my cock from my hand and fed it into his mouth,I'd had my cock sucked by a woman but never by a boy,I can't describe it,there are'nt the words.

He knew when to stop,when he took his mouth off me I needed to squeese tight to stop myself spunking.He was standing up his hips forward his cock almost touching my lips.I could feel my hands tremble as I touched the soft smooth skin of his little balls,he pushed himself at me.As long as I live I will never forget the first taste of his lovely young cock as it came into my mouth,now I was hoilding his balls to keep his cock in my mouth as I sucked on it,I knew I was going to wank myself off,to hell with the stains.

I wanted to taste his spunk,I felt his hands on my head as he held on as he started to fuck my mouth.

It could'nt have worked out better,I felt the first of his hot liquid pump into my mouth as my own spunk started to erupt,he held my head and I was happy to keep sucking until he was empty and even as it faded his cock was beautiful in my mouth,there was no need for words at any time.