Written by baron

23 Jun 2012

at the end of part 1 dave and don had tied me to the bed by my wrists and ankles i looked at my cock sticking up don had put his cockring round it making it stick out even more. they stood at the end of the bed there cocks dangling between there legs.

dave leaned forward he squeezed some lube onto my cock as it slipped down my shaft he held my cock wanking along its length spreading the lube along its length,don watched his friend as he played with his own cock, dave leaned forward to take dons cock into his mouth as he wanked me off i watched him take all of dons cock down his throat then let it slide out before taking it all in again;

my cock glistened with the lube on it it felt so hard the precum leaking out as dave tightened his grip making my bell end swell even more, don pulled his cock from daves mouth and moved towards my head his cock sticking out in front of him, he moved onto the bed kneeling beside my head,

he held my head towards his cock and told me to open my mouth,my mouth open he slid his length into warm wet mouth, i ran my tongue around its length as he slid it in and out, i kissed along its length as he rubbed it along my lips.i could feel its veins on my tongue as he slipped it back in for me to suck.

i felt dave lube my cock again. he stood on the bed and lowered his arse so i could feel my cock touching his ring piece, he held my cock as he lowered himself onto me feeding my cock in slowly, i felt his heat as it slid in until he had taken it all in.

he moved up and down along my length.it felt great one in my mouth and dave on my cock,

don moved his hand to daves erect cock bouncing in front of him as he slid along my cock.

i was,nt going to last long like this i felt the ache in my cock rising as it wanted to cum, i heard dave grunt he was cumming i felt his cum hitting my chest as don wanked his cock, my cock exploded cum into dave as he spunked on my chest i felt his arse grip my cock,as he held dons cock over my mouth he wanked its length until his friend emptied his load into my open mouth. i sucked on his cock swallowing all his cum,

we stayed on the bed dons cock sliding from my mouth and dave moved off my softning cock. we sat on the bed talking don said he was going to shower before he went.dave removed my restraints from my wrists and ankles.taking the cockring off as well.

as don showered me and dave played with each other as we kissed and held each other ,in each other arms he felt good as he always does,our cocks starting to harden again, don watched as he dressed to leave he said have fun we said we would.

i said shall we shower to we both stepped into the shower the water running off our naked bodys, we soaped each other down taking a bit of time around each others cock and balls. after drying we moved back to the bed to play again. i moved on top of dave pushing my tongue into his mouth rubbing my cock along his, he said lets have a 69er,

i turned round so my mouth was over his cock, i felt his hot mouth envelope my cock sucking me down till i could rest my balls on his chin,in return i took his cock into mouth. we sucked and licked along each others cocks i felt his finger slide into my arse making me suck him harder still, we couldnt cum again but it was so sexy to play with each other,

we chatted as we played he said we would have to do it in front of his wife, as she loved to see us together, that would be great i replied i loved taking ruths husband while she watched.

i left dave telling him to let us know when we were meeting.