Written by trainman

20 Dec 2013

At the sauna club ........ got there midday, fairly busy judging by the number of cars outside, obviously I wasn't alone in my cock hunt .......I was feling real horny and pervy..... I wanted some switch action, MASTER and sub in one day I decided ....got changed in dressing room .... I wore black leather biker boots.....a thick heavy steel cock ring and a white jockstrap..... wrapped some black silk rope round my wrist and I walked down the corridor into the dark gloryhole room.

No one in so I chose a middle cubicle.....holes in each wall. I put on my black rubber nipple suction cups, pain and pleasure as my nipples began to swell inside them. I stood there feeling and looking such a horny STUD SLUT then left the door open so what light there was shone on me. Pulling my cock from the jockstrap I started to wank slowly as I listened out for footsteps. In the car park I'd noticed an attractive guy parking his car near mine ... I hoped from the glances we exchanged that he'd follow me in. Within 5 minutes a couple of guys had walked past my cubicle after looking, slipping their hands under their towels and wanking themselves. I was waiting for the more adventurous, imaginative types.

Sure enough a few minutes later the guy from the car park appeared, naked except for a rubber cock ring. He stood at my door, looked me up and down and simply said 'MMMMMMMMMMMM, nice'. He felt for my cock with one hand and rolled and twisted a nipple cup with the other. My cock was rigid in the jock ....... I leant back and closed my eyes as he kissed my neck, then felt another hand on my ass. When I looked down there was an arm coming thru a hole in the wall as someone next door joined in feeling me up. The guy with me took the rope from my wrist and tied my hands behind me then turned me to the hole. mmmmmmmmm I was helpless with a perv. Pulling my cock from the jockstrap he guided it to the hole, wanking it slowly.......but he stopped short of the hole and held it there, wanking it while reaching round me and twisting one of my nipples. I could see a mouth and tongue at the hole, begging for my cock and the guy with me laughed, then offered my cock up to the hole, stood beind me rubbing his stiff cock against my ass cheeks and rolled my nipples between his rough fingers.

The guy next door tugged my cock thru the hole, pulling my balls thru too while the guy behind me pushed against me. I could feel next door start to wank me really hard and fast as the guy behind turned my head to his and kissed me deep, never leaving off my tits as he did. We'd left the door open waiting for others passing to join in..........and soon there were three out in the corridor all trying to get a feel and suck. The guy behind me pulled me back and drew ny cock from the hole, then turned me to the door where three of them were wanking. He offered me to them as he nestled his cock between my cheeks and started a slow rythym. They were all over me, feeling my cock n balls, two of them knelt to suck me as the other sucked my tits thru the cups, tugging them with his teeth. One of the guys held some poppers to my nose and i took a deep draw, making me feel even hornier, my cock even harder now as the guy behind told them to toss me. He forced my ankles apart, my balls were tight and full as one guy kneeling wanked me real fast, looked at me and said 'Please cum for us MASTER' ..... another licked my thighs, his tongue working up to my cock, waiting for my cum......they both looked up at me expectantly, wanting my spunk. 'Spunk please' one of them said.

I grabbed the guys cock behind me, squeezed it real hard, and arched my back as a stream of spunk shot all over the faces of the two guys knelt b4 me. One kept wanking me really fast then slipped my cock into his mouth to drain me as the other shot his spunk on my boots. They left and the guy behind me untied me. We kissed and I turned him around, grabbed and tied his hands behind him then stood behind him in the semi darkness of the cubicle. All anyone would see as they passed was a naked guy with a rigid cock in a rubber cock ring, ankles spread as I, staood behind, controlled what happened to him.

.................I'll tell u more about the rest of the afternoon later if u like.......

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