Written by paulhi

19 Jun 2012

I live in Herefordshire not a lot of cock action round here you have to go on sites like this to get some.

Last week trawling the sites hoping for some cock when a guy contacted me.He was married late 30s and wanted some cock fun that day.I like meeting married guy's they don't mess about they want sex do the business and go.

Anyway we chatted on the phone and he arranged to come to my place within the hour. He arrived and wow was he gorgeous,really good looking I was surprised he wanted to meet with me being 58 and him so gorgeous, but he said he liked to use older experienced guys.He liked to be in control his wife wasn't into that and he felt older guys were glad of any cock they could get,he's right there I certainly am.

He ordered me to take my dressing gown off which I did I usually wear a cock and ball ring as my balls are small a fact my ex wife used to remind me off.

He told me to undress him slowly he had a beautiful slim but muscular body and then as I removed his underpants I saw his beautiful cock surrounded by lots of thick dark pubic hair,I'm shaved but do like guys with lots of pubes.I was now so excited licking and kissing his nipples.

He order me to get on my knees his cock was rock hard as I felt his balls and waked him slowly.I wanted to suck it then but he wouldn't let me. "Rim my arse you dirty old slut" I said yes please, he crouched over my face and I tongued his hole and then sucked it.

Lots of married guy's like to be rimmed as there wives wont do it.I continued licking and sucking his hole lovely and tight.

Then he told me lie on the floor with my head on the sofa as he was going to face fuck me.

He pushed his cock deep into my mouth and slowly pushed it in and out making me gag on it then he take it out and hold it whilst he hit me on the face with his gorgeous cock telling me I was a dirty cock sucking old man he'd then push it down my throat again he was only interested in his own sexual gratification. He stop and I would lick and suck his balls and rim his arse again he seemed to be able to last for ages without cumming.

Then he stared to push harder into my throat he grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards him he was grunting loudly I knew he was near. He came with every push more of his sweet cum entered my throat I wasn't sure I'd swallow it all but did. When he'd finished I licked and sucked his cock clean.

He got dressed and said I'll be in touch you dirty old whore and left leaving me with the after taste of his cum in my mouth and hoping he'd use me again.

So if any guys are looking for a dirty old man to use I'm in Herefordshire just leave a message,married guy's and heavy cummers very welcum.