10 Nov 2017

I wanted to share with you a meet I had which didn't turn out as I thought.... but ended up being so much better than I hoped.

It was one of those usual days, sitting in the chatroom, lots of chat but no action.

I put a message out there that I was looking to be fucked (as I hadn't in so long, I was worried my hole was closing up), when suddenly I got a private message from someone I hadn't spoken to in a while.

The usual exchange went on, we quickly established that he was free, could accommodate and did want to fuck me.... I know, how often does that happen ?????

He did warn me though, that his cock is quite thick. I said it would be ok as long as he used plenty of lube and was gentle.

Anyway, I didn't need to be asked twice, I jumped straight in the shower, in my car and round to his.

When I got there, he answered the door and without saying anything, gestured me to go to the bedroom. I thought, ok he's shy/nervous... we are all sometimes the first time we meet someone.

He then came in the room, closed the door and began taking his clothes off.... again without saying anything.

I was then very aware that I should also be taking my clothes off but realised I was just staring at his cock, which was clean shaven and huge..... and still soft. Snapping back into reality, I began to undress.

This was where the surprise hit.....

As I took of my trousers to reveal my black, lacy, backless panties, he said the first thing to me...

You dirty little slag! he exclaimed.

What was even more surprising was that, even though we hadn't discussed this kind of roleplay, and I had never done it like this before, I was immensely turned on by this.

I finished getting undress and he immediately gave me my next order.... Get on your knees, he said.

I, of course, obliged and began to suck his cock to hardness. Once it got fully hard, it was so big, I struggled to get it into my mouth.

That's it suck it you slag, then I can put it in your arse, he said...

I carried on for a bit and then he told me to get up and bed over, face-down on the bed.

He then gave my arse a good slapping, always calling me a slag and telling me I was going to get fucked. after a minute or two, he stopped and I heard him opening the condom packet and felt him lubing up my arse with his finger.

As his cock was so big, it took a little while to get it fully in but once it was he started to build up a steady rhythm, eventually pounding my arse hard and fast with his massive cock. It felt so good....

All the while he kept calling me a dirty little slag, telling me how he was going to fuck me so hard and cum in me.

He then stopped and pulled out, surely he hadn't cum yet, I thought.... but no this was the next surprise.

He then told me to "stand up and snog me like the slut you are"....

Now, although I'm bi, I don't actually fancy men... I just love cock (if that makes sense). Because of that, I had never kissed in a meet and never even thought about it. What surprised me now was that I was so turned on and enjoying this fucking of my life, that I didn't even hesitate... I just planted my lips on his, and our tongues met in a hot erotic snog... my first one ever with a man.

After what seemed like an age, he span me back round again, bent me over and resumed the hard and fast fucking. This time the dirty talk got hotter and heavier, telling me that I was his now and that I would come round whenever he tells me to get fucked.... and that he was going to get all of his friends round to fuck my arse... all the while I was thinking.... I certainly hope so !!!

Then eventually, he leaned down over me, laid on me, with his cock still inside my arse and whispered into my ear... I'm cumming now... filling it up inside your arse.

we lay there a minute or two and eventually he pulled out and we stood up. I could see that the condom was full of so much cum, I hoped it meant that he had had as good a time as I had.

We got dressed, said our goodbyes and it took me a few hours for the smile to go from my face.

I really hope he meant what he said about fucking me whenever he wants and getting his friends round as I would love to have that experience again and again...... that also goes for anyone else who wants a willing arse to fuck... get in touch and I'll happily be your little slag !