5 Mar 2018

Obviously I knew his name was Richard, but we both agreed as swapped texts for a few days that we enjoyed me calling him Mr Barnes. I had not gone by to see him again later that Sunday, but we been texting back and forth and we had worked out that I would come and visit again some time soon.

That ‘soon’ was last week and it was nearly snowed off. His road was unpassable and getting there was a long slow journey, but I had coordinated an early finish from work and an alibi from friends I was due to meet later so there was no way I was going to cancel. He was glad too and on my journey I would receive two or three words of text on my phone as he told me what he was looking at (porn) or what he ‘couldn’t wait’ to do with me. In the end I phoned him and told him to stop distracting me!

In the end I got to his place just after six, later than planned and I was tired, wondering if I was in the right mood for a hookup.

“Oh Harry, I am so glad you made it,” he said, “Can I get you a drink?”

“Yes, please, Mr Barnes,” I replied and our eyes locked, I did not let on that I was okay with staying over if he wanted me to so when I he passed me a beer I smiled cutely and told him I was sure that one would be okay.

I was surprised at how instantly horny I felt and it was not the beer that was helping me relax. His heating was turned right up so it was the natural thing to do to pull of my jumper and then when I saw him looking at me I figured what the hell and just stepped straight out of my jeans too.

“Show me it,” he said evenly.

“Yes, Mr Barnes.” I lifted my tee up from where it stood out from my hard cock and with a lucky move it popped out the front of my boxers.

“Mmmm,” he said appreciatively, “It is great how you get so hard, it reminds me of my youth!” With that he pushed his joggers down and with no boxers or briefs to hide it, his half hard cock hung in place. I swigged my beer and then put it down as I pulled off the rest of my clothes. I reached out and cupped him, admiring that he was freshly trim, he felt hot in my hand and I wanted to taste it instantly. I leant forward not wanting to kneel on the cold kitchen tiles and licked the top of his cock, soft as it was it was easy to move the foreskin back and forth, I pulled it all back and kissed his tip, all of it between my lips before I sucked on it, feeling the first swell as it pulsed to life. I was aware of him moaning and saying words, but could not make them out. That was fine by me as I toyed with his dick with my lips and tongue.

On the first time that it slipped free, he took the opportunity to move into the living room where I got the shock of my life. There on the sofa was another gent, clearly similar in age with a keen sparkle in his eye.

“Mr Barnes!” I said in genuine shock, but he offered no reply and instead crossed the room and slumped onto the other small sofa, leaning back so his bum was on the edge. The pair of them spoke no words and my shock soon moved away in favour of intrigue and arousal. They both looked at me and I them as I gently pulled on my cock. I loved being looked at like this and I studied the new man trying to gauge what was going on with him. He was dressed more formally and I guess he had walked here looking at the wet rings at the bottom of his jeans. He was looking me up and down and when our eyes connected he smiled. That made my mind up.

I moved to him smoothly and lowered to my knees. Without the need to prompt he shifted his body and had his jeans pushed down in now time. A hefty cock met my gaze, half hard also, and I bent down to lick it.

“Mmmm, good lad,” I heard from behind me and I smiled. By comparison, this cock reacted straight away to my mouth and soon it was rock hard, thinner and about the same length, I would suck on it as I let it pull from my mouth and I was rewarded by a small taste of his come. “I knew you would like him,” he said and I pulled away to answer.

“Yes, Mr Barnes.”

“Can you believe that Mr Phillips here has not had any action in ten years?” he asked.

“No, Mr Barnes,” I replied as I kissed his shaft and licked his balls. Suddenly I had such a thrill building up in me, I was so excited to be on his cock like this. I looked up with my eyes to see him looking at me and I held the look as I lowered my mouth fully onto him. He closed his eyes and moaned in response. I carried on like this for a few minutes until I heard the voice behind me once more.

“Come here now, Harry.”

I turned and looked to him, “Yes Mr Barnes.” Feeling very tarty I turned on my knees and crawled over to him. He had been pulling and he was hard now. I put my lips straight to his fat prick and heard him gasp as, like last time, I pushed his tight foreskin back so it locked behind his ridge. He was red hot and I could nearly feel throb in my mouth, he moaned as I slowly pulled my mouth back and forth on him. “Mmm this is so hot, you are doig such a good job, Harry!”

“Thank you, Mr Barnes.”

“But now, Mr Phillips is feeling left out! Whatever can we do about that Harry?” I went to answer, but like he said in an earlier text to me, he held y head in place and his thick dick stopped me. “I love how he is looking at you,” he continued, “I wish you could see, see how he looks at you.” He sat up and his hands ran down my back. I turned my head so I could keep my mouth on him. I moaned, knowing that he would feel the vibrations and I changed it to an encouraging tone as I felt the fingers reach my lower back and try and reach my bum cheeks. He pawed them.

“Oh this is nice, I can tell, I can tell it is teasing him. Suddenly, my face was pushed back and I remembered how quickly he came last time, I giggled at how turned on I had got him. I leant back on my haunches, panting like a dog. I turned to see Mr Phillips, sat alert at the edge of the sofa, nursing his hard on. Streching I got my mouth to it and as I was about to lose my balance, I felt Mr Barnes’ hand on me, steadying me to all fours. I licked his tip and he flinched.

“Is that okay, Mr Phillips?” I enquired innocently.

“Oh shit,” he whispered. I moaned as a smack rang out in the room, Mr Barnes left his hand where it struck me and he grabbed my bum. I yelped with each additional strike and I plunged my face onto his cock to stifle the sound. Things were happening quicker now. Mr Phillips would pull back from my mouth to help slow his approaching orgasm as the strikes on my bottom became exploring finger tops that after some delving settled on rubbing on my hole as he gently pulled at my raging hard on.

“It is time,” he said softly as I felt his legs move by mine where I knelt. “Time to fuck you, Harry.”

“Mmmm yes, Mr Barnes.” I buzzed all over as his probing fingers became wet and cool and I felt them tease then enter me. “Oh yes,” I mumbled with cock in my mouth.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” I repeated, “Do it Mr Barnes!”

It came as a shock at first, I knew he was thick of course, but there was no tease like with his finger. His fat tip nudged into and I went nearly vertical as my face flushed hot and red. I heard squelching as he slid into and my senses caught up; his lovely shaft massaged its way into me and I let out a long slow sigh as I let my face fall back to Mr Phillips. Part of me felt bad for him though as his pals beautiful fat cock filled me up I could barely focus on sucking him.

Soon though, there was a rhythm at my rear with long strokes. I put my lips back to work and sucked on his tip before licking it in my mouth. There was a different reaction now and I could feel him tense and buck a little under me and without so much a grunt in notice, he shot a massive load. I caught two gulps before I gave up and let it run from my mouth. The pace did not slow as I felt emptiness at my rear. With a strength I was not expecting, I was moved onto the sofa, my bum positioned at the edge. I looked down to see his fat prick move to take me and disappear inside me. I really growled out this time as to my delight, Mr Phillips moved nearer and wanked me as I taken. Still the rhythm in me was long and slow until I started to pinch down on him, my come was on its was and I was happy to announce it in the increasing enthusiasm of my noises.

Reacting to this I felt hips bouncing off me and as I began to erupt, Mr Phillips dropped to my waist and my view vanished as I shot my come into his mouth. Then as if it was the final trigger, I felt heat inside me and loud moans as the thick cock in me finally let loose his load.

We slumped where we were, I was in heaven to have these two guys either side of me, their hands wandering about my body, sometimes venturing to erogenous zones and I would get the odd tweak on my nipple or stroke of my relaxed cock. The sexiest part for me was the silence as I lounged there with my eyes shut. I had no idea how long we have been there until Mr Barnes broke the silence.

“I need to stretch my legs, I will leave you with Mr Phillips here.” And he strode away. Shortly we heard the running of the shower and still with no words, he got up. I was hard again, the touching up will do that every time, but I think due to his advanced years, I was not expecting to see the same.

“Get up,” he said calmly, “It’s my turn now.” I felt myself flush hot as I did as I was told.

“Yes, Mr Phillips.”

He held me briefly as he stood next to me and then turned me so I was leaning over the side of the sofa. He shuffled up behind me and after two clumsy bumps, his cock pushed into me with ease. He probed into me slowly at first and then with more vigour as his confidence grew. It felt great to have him banging me, being driven by his lust, but it also seemed quite precarious at the same time. I moved forward taking my weight on my knees against the couch which lowered me down somewhat.

“Here, try it now, Mr Phillips,” he nuzzled back to me and I moaned for him as he slid in. “Mmm yes, yes please, Mr Phillips, like that, sir.” I felt so slutty, but so damned hot and it clearly had the same effect. He moved in and out of me in steady easy strokes and moved his hands from my waist to my hips as he lost himself in use my arse his orgasm.

“Yes, yes,” I urged him on, it was so great, so hot, “Fuck me, sir, give it to me!”

On that last request, he tensed and cried out and his body shaking told me that he was spunking inside me. He left me to myself on the sofa and I heard him swapping words with Mr Barnes as they passed each other at the bathroom door.

I sat naked with these two in dressing gowns as we shared some nice comfortable jokes and small talk. I blushed as they called me naughty and I confessed to breaking one of my rules of safe sex. It was just that there was something so sexy about these two widowers that had made me lose some inhibition without even being asked! It was gone nice o’clock by the time I hit the road and is it were not for work the next day I would definitely have considered staying over for the night.