Written by Sauna Man

13 Feb 2009

I am a 65 year old married male,after having several m2m encounters I suppose I should consider myself as a Bi male.

All my m2m encounters have either been giving and receiving oral,mutual wanking or me being a top.

Despite having visited Gay Saunas I had never been penetrated until last week when I visited a Sauna in the Midlands.

I started off in my usual way strolling around to see who was there,and then ending up in the hot tub.

There was a young black man sitting next to me,and he indicated his interest in me by rubbing his leg against me,I responded and soon his hand was rubbing me to hardness.

We soon left the tub and found a dark room,is cock must have been about 8'' long and thick.There followed the usual sucking and cupping of balls,and then he turned me over onto my stomach where he proceeded to rim me with his long pink tongue.After a while I heard a lube pkt being opened and soon felt his finger applying its contents to my tight hole.

At first he used just one finger,but then he increased the number.He realised I was a virgin as I winced;''He whispered relax,I'll be gentle'';there was no going back now.

He rubbed his large bulbous knob around my rectum,before gently,inch by inch penetrating me.It hurt until he popped past my shincter,and I felt his warm length inside me

This was bear back fkng and for a second I wanted him to put on a condom,but the pleasure was to great

I just moaned.

He varied the length and speed of his strokes,fkng me for what must have been fifteen minutes.Suddenly he moaned loudly and I felt the warmth of his come filling me.

He let his cock shrink inside me,and said''Thanks your the first anal virgin I'v had''.I felt his come run out of me down my inner thighs.

So I'm not a vergin anymore.