Written by ukbiguy2000

10 Nov 2012

I have been bi since youth and had a range of experiences over the last 30 years, although I am definitely getting kinkier as i get older ;)

Yesterday I managed to cross off another entry on my bucket list, namely to be fucked by a BBC. I have been fucked by Indian guys and memorably a very well hung arabian guy and played with a few black cocks but never been fucked by a big,black.African/Caribbean cock.

I booked the afternoon off work and went to a sauna in Leeds, where i work. Originally I had planned to be meeting someone there who would spank me, use my holes and then share them with whoever and however he wanted, in effect pimping me. That arrangement didn't work out so I arrived on my own.

After changing I went for a wander around and found myself watching a couple of guys in their 40's get ready to fuck an older guy who had his feet in stirrups. They shut the door and we all started playing with each other, wanking, deep throating, bum slapping, nipple sucking etc. That's one of the things I like about group sex there is always something going on and there are hands tongues and cocks everywhere. One of the guys had quite a long cock,about 8.5" and he was first to bury himself in the older guys arse, but it was the other guy's cock that interested me more. It was probably about 8" but really thick, impressively thick! I really struggled to get it all down my throat. Then the other guy asked if I wanted a turn fucking the older guy, so i rubbered up and pushed my cock into his well used ass. I'm mainly a bottom with guys but do top when the mood takes me. After a few minutes the thick cocked guy tried to fuck me at the same time as I was fucking but the combination of his thickness, my tightness and my height conspired against us. I moved over and let thick cock use the ass and once he had got a rhythm going managed to stick my cock into his ass so he was the filling in a sex sandwich. This soon had the desired effect and he shot his load, the other guy took over and soon followed. I didn't want to cum yet so I took one last suck of their spunky cocks, thanked them and made my exit.

I went for a short rest in the steam room and then went for another wander. In the dungeon/discipline area I saw a with a nice cock in tight lycra underwear.

We went to a room and played for a while with the highlights being the tention he gave my nipples and the three finger fucking he gave my bum, but it became obvious he wasn't interested in actually fucking me so we parted.

I then went to sit in one of the video rooms that shows bi rather than gay porn and it was here that i met my BBC. I was lazily playing with my cock watching the film when I noticed a t guy at the door looking at me. He was shortish, about 5" 7,slim and had beautiful chocolate skin, when he noticed me looking he opened his towel a bit and out plopped a very long flaccid black cock. I asked if he wanted to play and was delighted when he accepted. We went to a room, lost the towels and started exploring each others bodies. From the start he was really into me for some reason and acted as if he was the lucky one when in fact it was my dream come true! Almost straight way he started pulling,twisting and biting my nipples as if he already knew that was my biggest turn on. His cock didn't stay soft for long and was soon well on its way to becoming a monster. I knelt in front of him and started to suck him off. His stiffening cock soon filled my mouth so i opened my throat and started to deep throat him feeding all of his 9.5" down my throat like a snake. once i had him all inside he started to face fuck me holding my head as he thrust his cock halfway down my throat. I loved the feeling especially when it made me gag and even retch a little as i gave myself over heart and soul to be fucked so knelt on the floor bent over the edge of the PVC covered sauna bed with my bum in the air. He lubed me up and started to finger my bum getting me ready for his cock. First one then two then three and finally with a bit of a squeeze and some poppers four fingers from his thankfully smallish hands stretched my hole. Then after about 5 or 10 minutes of this I heard him rubber up and then felt the tip of his cock pressing against my hole. He started to push and inch by inch his cock penetrated my willing ass. Because of the fingering by him and the earlier guy there was little pain and I soon had the whole of his cock inside me. It felt fantastic. He soon got into a rhythm and for the next 10 minutes or so just used my ass, stroking his huge cock in and out of me before finally speeding up and shooting his load inside me. Condom removed I sucked the end of his cock to get a taste of his juice and then he started to wank me. Unfortunately I was more than a bit turned on and came rather too quickly which disappointed him because he wanted me to cum all over him. He asked how long I would he there and I said at least a couple of hours so we had a kiss and a hug and said we would meet later, never thinking that would happen.

I went for more of a rest this time, taking in the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. Once rested I started to look around for more cock but nothing compared to my BBC but I couldn't grumble as I had had one of the best fucks of my life. I was starting to think about going home when I met my BBC wandering down a corridor, apparently he had been looking for me but we must have kept missing each other. We got another playroom and were soon kissing and caressing each other again, stood up, lay down, 69, rimming we did it all. His passion was amazing and he made me feel like I was the best thing since sliced bread when really I'm more of an old crust. I asked him to fuck me again and following another fingering when he tried but failed to get his thumb in as well as all his fingers, more stretching required methinks, he filled me with his hard black cock again and I was soon in heaven again. He wanted my cum over him this time do after 10 minutes of so of fucking me, pulled out and we started wanking and sucking each other again. I was much more in control this time and when he was ready emptied my balls over his chest which he rubbed in. I had wanted him to cum in my mouth but me cumming on him sent him over the edge and he spilled his seed on the floor.

We were both knackered but happy and after showering together, exchanged email addresses and are hoping to have more meets soon. Then it was time for home with a pleasantly sore bum and a big smile on my face. I can't say that now that I've tried BBC I won't go back as I'm a bit of a slut when I get the opportunity and I love clean, hard cocks of all shapes and sizes but I can say that I loved every minute of being a BCC's fuckslut iand can't wait for next time.