Written by daveyncaroline

2 Feb 2015

Let me set the scene, I am late 4os and happily married. Life is pretty normal and good. With my work I sometimes have to stay away in hotels, which anyone who does this s a real pain and boring. On a recent trip and overnight stay near Birmingham things changed. I checked in, made my way to the room, got a shower checked my emails (sound familiar to a lot I guess). No emails of any urgency so I thought I would make my way for a couple of pints to save sitting in the room.

I arrived in the bar and it was very quiet with the barman leaning on the bar clearly bored. I ordered my pint then sat down, googling sport on my tablet. Another guest arrived at the bar and he ordered a pint of lager. I looked up and he confidently said its busy in here tonight, we both laughed.

We exchanged a few words about the day, weather and news, then I said why don't you take a seat. Geoff was in his 60s grey hair large hands and huge hairy forearm's. We talked family, sport, work and it felt like I had known him for ever. At 10pm out of the blue he said its not going to get any busier here do you fancy coming up and watching a movie. We got a drink and headed to the lift, so Dave what gym you go to he said. How do you know I go to the gym I replied?

Geoff replied immediately you can tell when a guy works out, we both smiled and said nothing more. we entered the room and I sat o the double bed as Geoff found a movie then he headed to the loo. When he returned he was only wearing a towel, I was slightly taken aback by this but nothing was said and he sat on the bed laid back and started the movie. As the film got going I also pushed myself back and laid beside Geoff.

It was then I could tell he was aroused and as ashamed as I felt I thought he smelt gorgeous. I looked at the buldge and thought it went unnoticed.

It was a few seconds later he parted the towel and said 'there you go you can have a proper look' as instinct took over I bent forward and felt his hands on my head. His strong arms guiding me onto his thick erect cock. I couldn't believe I was doing this but I was very eager, his hands wouldn't let my head move other than to the tip of his cock. I heard him say this is for you as he forced my head to the full length of his shaft and exploded hot cum down my throat. I swallowed his full load and looked up at him.

Was that your first time he said, yes I replied