19 Apr 2016

This is a true story about the first time I was sucked by another man. For some time I had fantasies about some sort of sexual encounter with a man and several 'near misses' had served to fuel the fantasy.

I had read online about a beauty spot near my house where gay men cruised for sex. On the day in question I was extremely horny and decided to go for a run there. I had done this on several previous occasions but without doing anything more than run around the area and get the lay of the land. On this occasion I had been surfing the internet for porn and masturbating when I dcided to go for another run. As I have said I was very horny but I knew nerves might get the better of me so I put on cock ring for a bit of added support and as an afterthought took a viagra. I had bought the viagra as a bit of an experiment and after my initial try with them had tucked them in the back of a drawer and forgotten about them.

I put on some lycra running shorts (which are very clingy, like cycling shorts but without any padding) and set off on my run. When I reached a secluded part of the woods close to the cruising area I stopped and hidden by trees and bushes wanked myself to erection. The combination of the cock ring and the viagra was amazing, in no time flat my cock was swollen and bulging and as big as it has ever been.

I tucked myself back into the lycra shorts and I have to say, nothing was left to the imagination! Then I started walking, hands on hips as though I was taking a breather from running. I walked to the area where I had seen men cruising and within a couple of minutes turned a corner and saw a man walking towards me. As I passed him I could see that he was staring blatantly at my bulging shorts. I turned onto another path and after a short distance shot a glance behind me and sure enough the man I had passed had turned and was following me. I continued slowly and started to rub the front of my shorts to keep my erection good and swollen. I saw a tiny path turning off to he right amongst the trees and walked down it. As the path twisted and turned I was able to glance behind me and sure enough my follower was still there. I reached another small path which led into a sheltered patch of bushes and with heart pounding turning slowly into it. After a few yards a glance behind me confirmed that he was still there. I came to a halt amongst the bushes and turning sideways, slowly started to rub myself through my shorts. My follower had stopped ten yards or so away and was also rubbing himself.

With my stomach doing cartwheels I pulled the front of my shorts down and pulled my cock out. Taking this as his queue the other man came up the path to join me. He knelt down in front of me and took my penis in his hand. After a moment he took me into his mouth and immediately began sucking me. I have had many blowjobs from women in my life but nothing had prepared me for what this strager did to me. Sucking really hard he began to really fuck me with his mouth,the feeling was so intense I knew I couldn't last long and told him so. He didn't acknowledge what I had said and just proceeded to give me that incredible blowjob. I stood there amongst the trees with my shorts around my knees and this total stranger sucking my bloated cock and just could not hold on any longer. "I'm cumming" I grunted as the first surge of my sperm started to some. He carried on sucking like his life depended on it, taking wave after wave of my sperm in his mouth and swallowing every last drop down.

By the time I had finished I had come so hard I was shaking. He got to his feet and I pulled my shorts up. I thanked him and said goodbye but even as I was leaving I knew I would be back for more.