23 Apr 2019

Well, my last account of my str8 mate Rob proved quite popular with readers, so I thought I'd treat you to another ... a hung copper called Lee whom I had a LOT of fun with a few years ago.

I'd been chatting to Lee for a couple of months on the site. A married bi fella, hung 9" by 6" who enjoyed fucking ass. Anyway, let me explain...

Lee's a straight guy, he was in his late 30s; he had a good physique, thick muscular thighs, strong arms and a rugged, handsome face. He has a buzz cut and a thick, long cock I'd seen photos of on his profile.

One evening, I invited him to spend the following afternoon at mine - which was en route from a parent who he was visiting in a neighbouring town. I think I was as keen to swallow his monster cock as he was to cram it up my ass!

As Sunday morning rolled into Sunday afternoon, I wondered if he might back out. Thankfully, there was a knock at the door. After some small talk and a brew, he asked if I had any porn.

He was sitting in the armchair opposite, finishing his brew, legs apart and that thick cock stretching the denim jeans he was wearing. Right there and then I wanted to kneel between his legs, reach inside those jeans and pull out his meat, taste it and ride him like a cowboy!

"There's a pile there, choose one." I nipped upstairs to grab a couple of condoms and some lube, figuring he felt more comfortable downwstairs.

By the time I returned, his cock was straining to be free of his jeans, a fact I noticed as I placed everything on the mantlepiece.

Putting his brew down he began to unbutton his jeans.

"Here, let me!" I offered. He stood over me, legs apart while I hastily unleashed his huge man meat. It was swelling now and was fucking huge: I swear to God, it was 9 inches and not even fully erect. Greedily, I slid my tongue over his purple bell-end and he moaned in delight. "Ooh man!" he groaned, pushing his cock towards my eager mouth. I felt his hands cup my head firmly and he drew me towards his raging stiffy. I stretched my mouth and began to take him in, each stroke a little deeper. I looked up at him, keen to see his expression and I met his gaze; a huge grin flashed down at me.

With slow, steady strokes he eased his cock further and further down my willing throat. "Fuck, mate. You sure know how to give head!" he grunted. With a mouth full of a hot, hung copper, I could only reply with an, “Mmmmmmmmmmm…” He wasn't to know I'd never swallowed a cock so thick AND long before but I wasn't complaining and didn't want to stop in order to tell him so! His rhythm was increasing and I didn't want this to end so soon, so I pulled away.

"Can I fuck you? I want to be inside you," he began.

"Fuck, Lee, I'm just getting started if that's okay with you! But, yeah, I was hoping you'd wanna slip me your fucking huge length, fella."

"You sure you'll be able to take it?" He wasn't being cocky. You need to see it to believe it!

"It's a beast, so I'm not sure you'll sink balls deep but it'll be good fun trying!" I quipped.

His body was beautiful and, for the next hour or so, all mine! I guided him to a doggy position and hungrily parted his buttocks then began tonguing his hot, tight ring. Lee groaned in delight, pushing his firm ass onto my stiff tongue as I explored a little deeper. I buried my face in his ass, eating like a man possessed while he tugged gently on his boner. I ran my tongue down between his ass and scrotum, sucking one of his plum-sized balls into my hot, hungry mouth. I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take, never mind the straight guy, so again I pulled away.

"Man, you are one hot little fucker!" he grinned as he turned around to face me. His thick, veiny tool confirmed his opinion. "Now I wanna bury my cock in your hole… return the favour, if that's okay with you?"

"How would you like me? On my hands and knees? On top, sitting astride you? Or on my back?"

"I just want to fuck your ass, fella. Whatever's most comfortable!" I thought, with a tool that resembles a beer can, comfort isn't really an option so I got down on my hands and knees. His strong hands gripped my waist as he positioned himself behind me.

"You'll need some of this..." I added, reaching for a sachet of lube from my wallet. "It ain't a wet pussy!" He laughed as he tore open the sachet with his teeth, spread it over his swollen head and shaft then wiped his wet fingers over my eager pink hole.

He pushed a finger deep inside and I released a primitive moan. "That feel good? Want another?" he asked, but before I could answer, a second finger joined the first. "It's gonna need a bit more of a stretching, than that Lee, if you don't wanna tear me apart with your thick fuckin' cock!"

He finger-fucked my ass for a couple of minutes more then withdrew them quickly, sending shockwaves coursing through my body. I then felt the heat and size of his manhood pressing against my eager man cunt. With strong hands, he pulled me towards him, burying his meat deep inside my hole. "That okay for you?" he asked, sincerely.

"Ahhh, yeah. Fuck yeah, nice and easy mate."

I have never known a pain so pleasurable as his thick man-meat spearing me as he rocked his hips, driving deeper with each slow thrust. After a couple of minutes, my ass now stretched, I accommodated him comfortably to the point where I was backing up on him so he could bury himself balls deep in me. "I want it hard and fast. Fuck me like a slut, mate. I wanna feel ALL of you inside me!"

Lee was keen to deliver and he pounded my ass like a beast. He varied his rhythm, withdrawing so far I felt the rim of his bell-end retreat from my ass before he plunged it slowly, deep inside once more with hot, fast fuck strokes, which left me feeling raw. "Aww man, your ass feels so good,” he panted as he drove his tool deep inside my canal, his rhythm increasing steadily now.

"Oh Lee, fuck me...harder...fuck me!" He plowed away at my tender ass; then threw his head back in ecstasy as he pumped strings of man juice deep into my gut. I pulled furiously at my own tool, clamping down tightly over his as I shot a stream of hot, white jizz onto the floor of the living room.

He collapsed on top of me, pushing me to the floor, breathless and hard.

"Guess I ain’t just curious after all, pal." he whispered.

"That's fine by me Lee. Anytime."

He called regularly over the next few years, usually on a Sunday afternoon, sometimes twice a week.

A great fuck!