3 Jun 2019

I have been gay cruising for quite a few years now. I love the thrill of walking through woods or down dark alleys

Up until now, I have always worn a long drovers coat over jeans but this always risks getting caught with ones trousers down while I’m being fucked

I was browsing online and I came across a website selling leather chaparreras (chaps) they were made of soft leather so totally useless for there original purpose but having no crotch and seat they were ideal for my little walks in the woods. Plus they had a cargo pocket on each side.

I got hard just ordering them.

They arrived Friday but I couldn’t use them until Saturday when the wife was away for the night.

I slid the tight leather over my naked legs and then did my best to get my rock hard cock into the attached pouch. I put condoms and Lub into one of the pockets on the side. A short coat covers me just far enough down so my arse is not exposed.

I drive to one of my favorite spots and wander into the woods it’s Saturday afternoon and things are very quiet. I bend over a tree stump and for the first time, my arse is exposed. Wow! what a fantastic feeling my balls hanging free and my arse out. I ease the pouch off my cock and gently play with myself.

I hear someone approaching the only people who come to this spot are looking for sex and most of them are male but I stand as a precaution and to test out my new costume. A guy comes through the bushes so I ben again to show him what I’m looking for. He approach and I pull my cheeks apart.

“There are condoms and lube in my right pocket” he takes out two a sachet of lube and a condom. I fell his fingers on my hole and he pushes them into me. I wait as he rolls on the condom then I feel him penetrate me. My hole yields to his thrusting cock as his balls snap my arse. All too soon he thrusts right up me as he fills the sheath.

He pulls out and slides the rubber off his shrinking cock I take it off him and empty his thick spunk into my mouth. He laughs and tells me I’m a cum slut.

I resume the position over the fallen tree and wait hopefully