Written by bugleboy99

10 Apr 2018


following on from my first Gay experience on SH and only my second ever gay experience, I decided that I wanted more.

Again, my wife had gone to work and I fired up the laptop and opened up SH and entered the Bi Married room and popped on my cam. It wasn't long before I saw a guy with a lovely looking cock and PM'ed him telling him i liked the look of his cock. He came back at me and thanked me and said that mine looked good to him . I then had a quick look at his profile and it told me he was bi curious. This looked good and i asked him if he had any experience and he said that he had wanked a guy but no more. Did he want more and ge said "Mmmmm, Yes please".

He lived only a few miles from me and I invited him around. He agreed and said he would be there in about 20 mins It gave me time to shower and get ready to meet him. I showered and shaved and dressed in tee shirt no pants and loose fitting joggers and waited for Bob to arrive.

Twenty mins later and a very anxious time for me, the door bell sounded and I opened the door to a good looking guy of average build . You don't really see a guys face when he only shows his cockbut was glad to see that he was a good looking guy.

I let him in and asked if he wanted a coffee but he said he didn't have the time so I led him up to a nice warm bedroom. He asked me to undress him so i slowly eased off his shirt and caressed his nipples with my tongue,

. I heard him moan so i knew i was on the right track and then lowered my hand and unclasped his belt whilst still licking and kissing his nipples. i loved it when i felt the nipples harden. i undid his belt and and the top button and then slid the zip down slowly and felt him harden. Mmmmmm. I had decided earlier before bob arrived that I would experiment in the meeting and take the lead . As i lowered his jeans and slid his socks off my mouth was level with his cockand it was very hard and making his boxers tent. Mmmmm, I liked the look of his cock. It looked as good close up as it did on cam!

There he was stood there in just his boxers sticking out proud and I was still dressed. Bob asked me to stand up so he could return the favour and undress me. Mmmmmmm, yes please. He lifted my tee shirt and popped it over my head and saw my hairy chest and nipples waiting to be caressed. I didn't have to wait long as he found my nipples with his finger tips which made me moan. I then felt his warm mouth and tongue gently lick a nipple whilst playing with the other one.

Another moan escaped from deep within my throat. My cock was rock hard by now as Bob slid down to his knees to lower my joggers down over my rock hard cock. My raging hard cock was level with his mouth so he just popped it in. His warm wet mouth slipped over my cock head and started licking and sucking. For a guy who had only wanked a cock before he was looking like a natural at this!. I pulled him up and we got on the bed. I asked him if he wanted us to kiss and he just pulled my head close to his and kissed me, slipping hit tongue in my mouth and let me slide mine in and explore his mouth.I felt his cock press against my belly and mine did the same. I lowered my hand down and stroked him and felt a little sticky pre cum in my palm.

We decided to have a nice 69 together and got comfortable as we slipped each others cock in our mouths. he was a natural as he ate my cock like a pro as i took his big cock as much as i could get in my mouth. I slid my hand onto his cock and caressed his balls his balls as i sucked as much as i could. He copied my moves but went a little further and started to caress my arse. Fuck, this guy really knew what he was up to. I'm not sure he was telling me the truth about his previous experience! He was teaching me a few things and i was loving it! He pressed harder and a finger slipped in.

I thought what the fuck and did the same for him I felt his cock harden and grow again stretching my mouth. We carried on sucking and fingering each other. It wasn't long before I felt my cock harden again and could feel my sap rising within my cock. I pulled back to let him know but he just pulled me in harder. He pushed into me and pushed harder as i felt his cum hit the back of my throat . I could hold back no longer and let my cum pump down his throat and we both came loud and noisy. Wow. What a great meet!!!

I really loved his mouth and finger working me over.

What will come next in my Bi Play experiences i wonder. It has got me tempted to try making Anal loving. I wonder wht will happen next time i have a meet!!