Written by blow job

5 May 2010

So there i was on my way to the other side of london when

i wanted a pee and there was knowhere to go.

Lucky for me i jumped off the tube at the next station and

found a public loo, it was once i was in there thing started

to happen.

As i entered 2 guys where at the urinal very close to each other

and they was loads of space next to them.

as i stated to go the one next to me looked over and said

i like the look of that how big are you.

well not wanting to boast i said one about 6 inches but it looks

bigger as its shaved.

with that his mate game over and said, lets have a feel.

well having played around in the past i thought why not

lets see where this all goes.

So without to much thought i went into the cubical and pulled

him in behind me.

there i lobbed out my cock into his hand so he could have a good


we to my surprise he dropped to his knees took my cock in his mouth

and start to wank me off.

I wont last long i told him but it did not put him off at all

anyway within 2 or 3 minutes i had emptied my load

al over his face, he licked it all up go up and left.

as i cleaned myself his mate pushed the door open and game in

now its my turn he said.

i dont have any more cum mate you will hae to go without

i am sorry to say.

it was then he said no mate you have it the wrng way round

you are sucking me off, he pulled out his cock

and said now suck it and do a good job.

well how could i refuse an offer like that

i went to my knees sucked hime off and swallowed the lot

a good job well done.

I have there numbers and we plan to meet once again

i can see this become a good time for all