2 Jan 2016

In the run up to Christmas thought I'd do a bit of shopping and stop off at my local sauna

Woke up on the tuesday and spent the morning shaving myself all over. I used to just do my pubes but wanted to try completed smooth.

Did some xmas shopping and left it in the tcar then off for an afternoon of fun.

Got to the sauna about 1, it was nude day and attracts a lot of guys on that day - and as it was xmas it was really busy.

Had a shower and sat in the sauna next to a guy in his 60's - he was fit and was stroking his cock. I moved over towards him and reached across to stroke it. it got bigger in my hand, he them bent over and started to suck my cock - it felt fantastic. Another gut came in and sat near me amd watched us. I took my turn sucking and the then felt that the new guy had started to lick my smooth arse. The more me pushed his tongue in the more I sucked down on the cock in my mouth. I moved so he had better access and I felt a finger slip in - but I was still sucking and, by now, finger the guys ass.

The tongue stopped and the guy walked out - pity I thought, and then the guy came in my mouth. I got up and french kissed it back into his mouth .

I got up and had a shower, dried off, and walk downstairs to the dark area. I brushed passed a few guys all with hard cocks and watched a guy being fucked in one of the slings. As I did I felt a hand on my arse. So I slowly started to stand with my feet wider apart and then pushed my arse out. He didn't take long to get the message and a soon felt his cock rubbing up and down my arse hole. I heard the rip on the lube packet and the cool gel on my hole. He tip his tip in and pushed. Slowly he entered me and he had a big helmet that popped into my arse. I was still watching the fucking going on in the sling and this made me hornier.

By now a few other guys had turned up and one of them was sucking my cock. The guy being was pushing faster and faster and then I felt the hot spurt of his cum. He pulled it out with a plop and before I could say thanks I felt another cock at my back door. This time it was fatter and shorter and the guy didn't last too long before he came. But he did them move down to my arse to lick all his cum out.

3 down.

Over the bed area, I really wanted to be spit roast and before too long 2 young guys turned up.

One forced his cock into my mouth and down the back of my throat the other taking me from behind. This carried on for about 5 minutes. And then one said "now" and within a few seconds both had cum. One filling my mouth the other my arse.

What a great day out shopping