Written by Nowbiguy

12 Nov 2012

I had know I was bi for a few years and had met with guys at woods ect and done what I thought was the normal things guys did to each other sucking,wanking even being a little bit sub.

I had never tried anal although one guy did want to fuck me but did not have a condom.

On one of my visit's to a local woods in the summer of last year I was walking to where I had played before, as I was walking through I noticed a guy following me I kept going to where some bushes were I noticed this guy was still following me so as I entered the bushes I undid my jeans and started to stroke my exposed cock the guy came up behind me and reached around my front and started to gently wank me.

As I turned round I reached down and started to rub the bulge in his trousers he then stopped playing with my cock and started to undo my jeans and gently pulled them down, he then knelt down and started to suck my cock he was a expert cock sucker and in no time I was shooting my spunk down his throat.

After I had recovered he told me he lived with his partner and sometimes they like to have a extra guy join them for some extra fun and would I be interested.

It did not take me long to say I would love to,we both made our way back to our cars.

He then introduced his self as John and his partners name was Kevin,John phoned Kevin and said he had met someone who is interested in joining us John was telling Kevin about our meeting in the woods.

We arranged a meeting at thier house fro the next Thursday afternoon.

For the next few days I was thinking none stop about Thursday what Kevin would be like what they expected of me ect.

John is 45 years old and told me Kevin is 49 .

Thursday arrived and very nervously I knocked on the John and Kevins door John answered the door and asked me to come in Kevin was sitting in the living room with a can of beer after the introductions were over Kevin suggested a porn dvd to relax us John returned with a can of beer for me,I settled on the sofa with John joining me and started to watch the dvd which was showing three guys doing all sorts to each other.

John started to rub my by now hard cock through my jeans Kevin by now had his cock out and was openly playing with it.

John said I would be more relaxed if I took my cloths off which i did in seconds Kevin now joined us he leaned into me and started to kiss me our toungs darting into each others mouths John by now had my cock in his mouth what an expert cock sucker he is I was totally lost in all this and it took me all my control not to cum straight away.

Kevin suggested we all go upto the bedroom and once inside John and Kevin both stripped naked it was the first time I had seen either of thier cocks.

They were not extra large just about 7ins John's was a little thicker than Kevin's.

I went down onto Johns cock and for the first time took him in my mouth what a great feeling it was while I was enjoying John's cock Kevin had put his cock into Kevin's mouth I was in heaven.

After what seemed ages but was only about 10mins Kevin suggested we all change position Kevin laid on the bed on his back I got between his legs and started to suck his nice cock John lifted me up a little and got under me and started to work his majic on my very hard and throbbing cock after a little while I felt John's fingers stroking my virgin hole how the fuck I never came there and then I will never know.

John then shifted from under me and I felt the warm touch of his tounge licking all around my arse his tounge was pushing into my hole I had never felt anything like this before Kevin was still enjoying me trying to give his a cock a good sucking.

I said to Kevin if John does not stop soon I would cum even though no one was touching my cock.

Kevin pulled me up to his face and whispered to me that John was going to fuck me I told him I had never taken a cock in my arse before and was a bit worried about taking John's cock.

Kevin said dont worry he will be very gentle and with that he reached under the pillow and produced a little brown bottle he undid the top and held it by my nose and said take a sniff it will relax you once I had taken a sniff it was like nothing I have experienced before they could have done anything to me at that point.

I then felt some cold gel being spread around my virgin hole and the great feeling of John's fingers pushing into me all the time Kevin was whispering to me to relax and to enjoy it,I looked around to see John rolling a condom on to his cock Kevin offered me the brown bottle again and I took a few big sniffs my head was spinning but I felt so horny,then I felt John's cock pushing against my hole Kevin telling me to relax and just let it happen I felt John's cock enter me I felt a very sharp pain but John stopped pushing and just rested with the end of his cock in me.

After a few seconds the pain started to ease and after another sniff I started push back onto his cock Kohn feeling this very slowly started to push as well in no time he had all his cock in me Kevin was telling me to relax and enjoy the fucking I was about to get.

John started to increase his thrusts until he was really ramming into me all the time Kevin was telling me to enjoy it and offer me I now know is poppers,the fucking went on for about 10mins altough it could have been longer all of a sudden John went stiff as he pumped all his spunk ito the condom.

He pulled out of me and Kevin turned me onto my back and after a few strokes of my cock I exploded I have never cum so hard before.

We all laid there for a while then Kevin fucked John ( bareback ) I was just sat there watching this it was so horny I got hard again and started to wank myself and very soon I was cumming all over Johns face.

I was a regular visiter at John and Kevins house after this first time and I ended up fucking both of them and them fucking me but alas they moved away a couple of months ago although we do keep in contact by e-mail I will never forget my first fucking.

I had to stay in Sheffield a couple of weeks ago and another first for me I visited the bronx sauna but that is another story.

I can assure you all this a 100% true story.