Written by Darius_Honey

6 Apr 2014

About 6 months ago my wife and I separated and I decided that a fresh. New start in a new area was the best option.

In my line of work there isnt huge opportunities so its a case of take what you can find, and i landed a great job a 60 miles away, up sticks and left.

Being new to an area is always hard, so once i got settled at work, I signed up to this place to check out who was in the area, ive been a faithful husband and left my bi side alone through my marriage, but now im single again ive been gagging for some cock fun.

I joined the local gym to get back in shape and noticed a few good looking older guys in the gym, and loved watching the, getting changed and in the shower, i'm pretty sure one of them was checking me out the other day but was too nervous to do anything about it i was almost hard in the shower with this guy and im sure he must have seen my growing cock, i tried to keep my back to him as i let the shower, towelled off, changed and left, as soon as i got home i had a great wank thinking about this older guy sucking and fucking me.

So i came on to SH to try and find an older bi guy in the area, luckily i found a few, and started messaging one from a few miles up the road, he was 52, a little taller than me and was divorced, had his own place and still kept in reasonable shape, we chatted online for a few days talking about we were both into, what we liked and what we wanted to do to each other.

We arranged for me to go around his house on friday night and i was really looking forward to it.

I got to house about 8pm, i had been to the gym earlier in the day and was pumped and horny, i had trimmed down stairs, freshened up and was ready for fun, we sat on his sofa and opened a bottle of wine, started talking and then he put on a bisexual porn dvd, it wasn't long before i was hard and he was also hard, he undid his shirt, opened up his jeans and pulled out his cock, it was very similar in length and girth to mine and looked great.

He started to slowly wank whilst he watched the dvd, i took of my t shirt, stood up and removed my jeans so was just in my tight white boxers, he smiled and told me to enjoy my self, i sat back on the sofa close to him and removed my cock, he leant over and started to wank my cock, i returned the favour by wanking his and before long i got the urge to suck him, i leant in to his lap and started to suck his cock, he leant back and guided my head with his hands slowly pushing his cock deeper into my throat, a few times i gagged slightly but he didn't force me. I re-positioned my self on my knees between his legs and whilst sucking started to squeeze and rub his balls. This seemed to get him get him going more and i could feel him getIng close to cumming, i sped up my sucking and soon he bucked underneath my mouth and his. Hot cum shot down my throat more than i imagined (im not a heavy cummer) but he was, wow, i dribbled some out as i struggled to contain it all, i swallowed the rest and returned to the sofa.

He smiled and said "well i guess i better return the favour then" he positioned him self between my legs and went down on me, he used 1 hand on my shaft wanking me, whilst sucking the topmof the shaft and tip and played with m y balls with his other hand, it felt incredible, soon i felt him rub some his fingers around the tip of my cock and then he also spat on them, returning them to my balls and then he slowly reached under me and started to rub my arse, it felt good,, not long before he had 1 finger inside me, loosening me up, then in went a second finger, this all became to much and i shot my load in his mouth. He stopped, swallowed and then stood up. He grabbed the wine and said were going up stairs.

We went to his room and he removed all of his clothes and told me to remove my boxers and to join him on the bed.

I got on to the bed and got some lube and condoms from his draw as well as a small dildo.

He wasnt hard yet and i was certainly needing a few more mins to re-compose, he lubed up the dildo and moved towards me, lifting my legs up and then lubed my already sticky hole, he slowly started to fuck me with the dildo, getting me looser and stretching me ready for him. After a few minutes he slipped on a condom, lubed him self and then got between my legs, he pressed the tip of his meat against my hole and pressed gently as it started to go in, the dildo had done its job and it wasnt long before he was sliding in and out of me he felt great. And i started to wank my self off again getting hard. He told me to leave my self until i got to fuck him as he didnt want me to cum to quick.

He re positioned me so was on my side and he lay behind me fucking me and gripping my waist, then he told me get on all 4's as he fucked me doggy, he was going for it and didnt seem like he was ready to come anytime soon, he then told me he wanted me on top, he sat with his back on tHe head board and i positioned my self over him and lowered my self down on to his throbbing cock. He slid straight back in and i proceeded to ride him, from the tip all the way down until my balls slapped against his stomach i could feel his head growing and knew he was getting close, so in reached around and grabbed his balls as i fucked his cock, he gripped my waist and moaned as i felt his cock twitch and fill the condom.

I got off him and almost collapsed on the bed, i was exhausted and so was he, he went to the bathroom to clean up and get rid of the condom. I was rock hard by this point and told him i was going to fuck him now, he passed me the lube and condoms,he lubed him self up and asked me how i wanted him, i lay him on his back lifted his legs in the air and then started to stick my cock in is arse, oh wow did it feel good, I started slow and built up speed until my balls were slapping his cheeks as i thrust into him. It felt so good, i then got him in the doggy position, grabbed his waist and started to fuck him hard, it felt good, so good, it wasn't long before i could feel my self getting close, so i stopped to regain som composure and told him to get on top of me and ride me. He did and it looked great seeing his cock and balls in front of me as he rode my shaft i stroked his cock whilst he fucked me as he was hard again, he fucked me for a good few minutes as i started getting close again, i started wanking him harder and he could feel me getting close and fucked me faster, we came almost at the same time as he shot spunk on my belly and chest and some in my face. It was incredible.

We cleaned up and then went to bed, in the morning, we woke up, sucked and fucked again before i left, it was a great night and im hoping to see him again soon.