Written by Lucky Guy

13 Nov 2013

Hi and thanks for reading my story, this is a true account but names/places have been changed.

It was a weekday and my female partner and I had decided to take a day off work and visit the nearest naturist swinging spa.

We drove down and found the place quiet easy but she wanted a couple of vodkas to build up courage, after a quick liquid lunch in the pub we entered the spa around 3pm.

It was a small place with a communal changing room and we both stripped off and wrapped a towel around and entered the main area.

After a quick look around to get our bearings we made our way to the hot tub and sank in the warm water, enjoying bubbles.

She sat to my right and there was a space to her right which was quickly taken by a guy in his 30's, nice smooth body and a nice smooth cock already semi erect.

Within minutes we were all smiling and eyeing each other up and I and indicating that it was alright to touch each other, little did I know my partner was already wanking his cock under the bubbles.

I slipped my hand between her thighs and we both were feeling her pussy and massaging her tits. Her eyes closed and she rolled back her head as she enjoyed 2 guys feeling her body.

She said that normally if you play in the hot tub you get asked to stop, so we decided to take our new friend and go off to a private room.

I must add, by this time there were about 10 guys in the spa and all looking for some action with us, to be honest probably her as she was the only female in the place.

As we wandered and found a room the guy from the hot tub followed us into the room, along with a number of other men.

I said that they could watch but only join in if she was happy with it.

The original 3 of us started and the original guy from the hot tub was wanking and touching her, she took over wanking him and pushed my head down to lick her hot wet pussy.

I was straight down there and the way we were laid meant that my arse was right in front of the other guys.

she looked at the crowd of guys and mentioned that I was bi and wanted to have guys too.

with that one guy came straight up and started to caress me and touch my arse, which I love and my balls.

the original hot tub guy said he was about to cum and she directed his cock towards her pussy and my face. She increased the wanking and within seconds he shot his load across her lower stomach and onto her pussy, whilst I was licking.

I looked up and got the next shot all over my face and in my mouth. I lapped at her pussy and pushed my cum covered face into her cum soaked pussy and licked it all.

As I finished licking her, she pushed his cock to me and I sucked him clean of his and her juices, sucking on his cock.

As he stood away this was quickly replace by one of the other guys, I looked at her and made sure she was alright with other guys joining in and she nodded to them.

Now we had about 6 guys in the room, she smiled and pushed my head onto the new cock.

The guy behind me feeling my arse was now pushing his fingers into me and a couple oft he other guys were feeling her tits and touching her pussy.

One of the guys tried to get between me and her and push his cock towards her pussy. She said that if she was to be fucked then I had to be fucked too so one of guys had to oblige.

Our luck was in and the guy behind me was willing.

I moved across and was kissing her, she lay on her back and I was on my knees next to here.

I looked down and the guy between her legs was straight in, his hard cock pushing into her wet pussy, once he had entered her, he wasted no time and was fucking her hard. I don't think he could believe his luck and she was getting a really good fuck from him.

She does like getting it hard and fast, as long as she is wet or lubed and he was fucking her just how she liked to be fucked, hard, deep, fast with a nice long cock in her.

Meanwhile I had been lubed up and was being fingered in readiness.

After a short while I felt the end of a cock sliding between my arse cheeks and slipping up and down looking for an entrance, it hit the spot and started to enter my tight ass, slowly the lube was enough and I felt cock inside me.

Slowly the head was being pushed deeper and deeper until it was in, then the length of cock was eased in until it was deep in me.

My ass was stretched with another mans cock inside me and it was fucking lovely. I knew from that moment I wanted more, and lots more.

She was still being fucked hard by her guy, other guys stood around wanking and touching her tits.

she looked at my guy and just said, now fuck him good too.

he withdrew the length of cock but not the head and pushed back in me again, slowly at first but then increasing the speed.

Then with his hands firmly holding my hips he started to fuck me. deep hard thrusts of nice long hard cock in me.

I could feel him bump up to my arse as he cock was buried deep in me. It was fucking lovely. I was totally consumed by the ecstasy of being fucked, by whole body felt on fire and so alive as this random guy had his cock inside me, fucking me, filling me with his hard cock, fucking my ass.

his speed and penetration heightened and I could feel his grip around my hips increase, he started to moan and the like I'd never felt before he thrust into me and pulled my hips close to him and moaned out load. His cock was now deep inside me and just pushed deep and not withdrawing from me, his body felt hard and tense and I could feel him pumping his cum into me, pushed deep into me, cuming and emptying his balls deep into my ass....it was fucking sensational.

After what seemed like ages he slowly pulled out from me, thanks me and kissed my back and was gone, never for me to see him again.

She was on the edge of cuming and I was brought back to life by her guy moaning and shouting I'm cuming and with that exploded in her, she started to shake and I could tell she was also having a might orgasm.

I watched as they both finished off and she lay back exhausted on the mattress.

I thanks all the guys and said that was it and then locked the door behind them.

she lay there and looked up at me and smiled. I could feel cum dribbling out of me and my ass cheeks wet with lube and cum.

Looking at her pussy she was wet, with his and her cum and orgasm. She spotted me looking and smiled at me and said, you'd better clean me up before we go then, you can't expect a lady to walk to the shower with cum dribbling from her...