Written by Dave18

13 May 2018

There are some very interesting developments generally for me but before getting on to those I thought I'd pass on the details of something that happened to me the other week. I do like the occasional bit of cock fun and hadn't had any for a while. My wife was away for a few days so I had gone out with a work colleague, Steve. Steve was recently divorced and enjoying his freedom.

We went out with others for drinks and he and I ended up at his flat after closing time at the local. I was feeling horny and steered the conversation to sex. Steve was only too glad to chat away about his ex-wife and how disappointing he'd found internet dating so far. I said it was early days. He said he'd be better with his own right hand. I joked that it was often better with someone else's.

I didn't know if he'd get the hint or even if he was bi . I've always found that needing to get your rocks off and a couple of drinks can make any guy bi.

Steve chuckled and said that it had been so long any hand would do. I laughed and said that if he gave me a tenner I'd oblige. I was pushing it further but still being able to laugh it off as a joke.

Steve said that I was on and fumbled in his pocket, pulling out a crumpled fiver and some coins. He said he was disappointed - not enough cash. I told him he could owe me the rest. He laughed but I could see he was very hard, and not a bad size!

I sat next to him and reached for his zip, pulling his hard cock out and slowly started walking him. He closed his eyes in pleasure and leaned his head back and smiled. He said that it was years since he's done this. I asked him if he meant with a guy and he said yes. I started walking him faster and he told me he'd fucked a friend when he was younger. This was my cue and I leant over and started sucking his hard cock. He had a good thick cock, I loved pulling his foreskin backwards and forwards while licking the precum off the end of his hard member.

He slipped his trousers off which allowed me to pick and suck his balls and down to his arse. By now he was groaning with pleasure and I knew what was coming next. I felt the rush and then his hot salty cum shooting in my mouth. I swallowed it and sat back. I thought that might be it. A few times straight guys have lost their desire after shooting their load.

Not Steve! I was lucky. He said wow and thanked me and then asked if I wanted another drink and to go to bed. Of course I said yes. On entering his bedroom we got undressed and he got to sucking me. He was out of practice but it was still good. I got him in a 69 and started licking his cock and arse. He was rock hard again and i managed to push him round so I was laying between his legs. He told me that when he was younger hecwsd given but never received. He seemed a little worried but I told him it was no bother and straddled him, reaching back and holding his cock against my arse. His eyes were wide as I pushed firmly back, his cock sliding inside me. I started rocking backwards and forwards, the pleasure was intense. After a while and exhausted I laid down. He was obviously inexperienced as he didn't realise he could take me like that. I guided him in and he started fucking me hard and fast. He was very hard and the sensation was amazing. He started to slow anti wrapped my legs round him and told him to cum in me. That did the trick and with a couple of hard thrusts he emptied his balls in my arse.

He laid back and I straddled him again, a couple of tugs on my own cock and I shot a heavy load up his chest. We lay together and fell asleep.

When we woke up it was obvious that he felt guilty and embarrassed. I told him not to worry and it was just a couple of guys helping each other out. I looked under the covers and he was getting hard. I gave him another slow hand job before leaving.

Obviously I've seen him at work and nothing has been said other than once. He said if I ever fancied popping to his for drinks I'd be welcome. I reckon I will soon enough, before he gets a girlfriend!