Written by Harry_22

2 Jan 2014

Between work and family commitments it had been a really dry spell over the last few weeks. So when a regular buddy got in touch just after Christmas to arrange a meeting I was very much in the mood for it. He was a bit cryptic with the arrangements, he told me to pack for an over nighter and bring what I wanted – he was doing the same! I buzzed with excitement for a couple of days until he came to pick me up in his Christmas present to himself.

Dan had been talking all year about getting a convertible so was ready for a stupidly cold drive in his new car with the roof down. I was wrong though and I can not deny the excitement as he pulled onto my driveway in a Mercedes van! It has nice wheels and a body kit that was not brash, but took the look away from juts being a van. I watched Dan slide out of the drivers seat and stroll up the path to my door. He is about my age and a similar build, six foot and could be in better shape, but not badly out of shape. A thrill of excitement ran through me, I had not realised it, but even my body was telling me that it had been too long.

I met Dan at the door and we spent a couple of minutes catching up. I went to the loo before we headed off and when I came out, Dan was in the living room, he had picked my bag up and was rooting through it. He nodded appreciatively as he lifted up some of my undies and one of my plugs. He was rubbing his crotch and I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was as pent up as I was.

“Are we on a schedule?” I asked him coyly moving forwards to rub his hard on tucked in his jeans.

“Kind of,” came his breathy reply as he adjusted where he stood so his body faced me. I chuckled and knelt down in front of him, pulling his zip down as I did. His cock was wrapped up in his shorts so after a little struggling, his hard tip flicked out and his meaty cock was inches from my face. Dan is longer and bigger than me at 8 inches and through his fly like this there was about 6 inches for me to get hold of. I put my lips to him straight away and kissed the tip using the move to push his foreskin back as his thick helmet slid into my mouth. He moaned softly and his hand was on my head encouraging me to take more. His cock twitched in my mouth, swelling to full hardness.

“Oh yeas,” he said and I slid my mouth on and off him, my lips stretched to a full ‘O’, my nose pressing into this jeans button, “We should go,” he giggled. I sank fully onto him so my mouth was filled and his tip pressed to the back of my throat. It felt so good to have him in there; 10 o’clock in the morning and I had my lips wrapped around a nice fat cock, man I had missed this! I pulled off him slowly.

“Merry Christmas!” I said, “is that good?”

“Oh hell yes,” he answered.

I wanked him and his foreskin squelched in my hand flashing back and forth, my eyes locked onto his purple tip before me, “Oh God I want your spunk!” I told him. He nudged me back off me knees so I was sat on the floor, my back leaning on the sofa. He straddled my head, but the folds of his jeans meant that his cock virtually vanished in a mass of denim. He pulled back, put his feet back on the floor and put his weight on the back of the sofa. With his hard cock inches from my mouth once more I did not need to move to get another taste of him, he shifted forward and he slid back between my lips.

I could feel his throb as he pushed in deep, my nose squashed once more. He fucked my mouth, grunting and with more twitching I felt him begin to pulse and his hot come squirted straight down my ready throat. Dan was loud as he shot his load and after the first couple of spurts he pumped into me hard, my head pushing into the cushions behind me! As he was on his outstroke I got to properly taste his come on my tongue and as he pulled away breathing hard, I was left with a good mouthful to swill around before I swallowed that down too!

“You horny sod!” he said smiling, “I honestly thought that we would hold out till at least lunch time!” I laughed in response as I got up, moving to him to lick up the last drops of come from the end of his now softening cock. Even half hard like this I liked it in my mouth and Dan fought a shiver as I sucked him in for last go and then I was sure that I got all of his come.

Buzzing with the thrill that I have each time I make some one come I watched Dan tuck his cock back into this pants and zip back up while I zipped my bag shut.

“Road Trip,” he announced and we headed for the door, my cock rock hard in my own jeans, “come on, there is someone I want you to meet.” Always full of surprises I shut the door behind me and locked it and walking to his new van I suddenly noticed that there were two people already sat in the rear, waiting patiently.