Written by Small Guy

11 Aug 2008

I know that seaside resort very well, and the toilets mentioned in the story.

Like the writer I,ve spent many a sexy hour in them. They actually closed earlier this year,though there are still a few venues to indulge yourself.

I have visited the resort for several years and stayed in the same guesthouse.

A small place with some 8 bedrooms, the rooms are not ensuite. There is a bathroom ,shower room and a separate toilet on the half landing.

My first stay is etched in my memory. Having booked into my room I went down to the shower room to clean up.

I was just wrapped in a towel, the lock on the door didn,t work. The room was quite small,no cubicles ,just two shower heads.

I had just started to wash when the door opened and a chap walked in. He was dressed in just small white underpants,towel over his arm. Water OK he casually inquired, I nodded.

He stepped out of his pants and turned on the other shower , we were quite close together. He was a lot taller than me,most chaps are, I,m

only 5 ft. 4 ins.

He looked me up and down as he soaped himself, I tried not to look but it was obvious he was getting a hardon. He pushed back his foreskin and soaped his swollen head, he was playing with himself.

His dick was much larger than mine, I keep myself fit ,my dick is 6 inches erect. I could feel my own dick rising ,I decided to get out of there.

As I dried myself my dick stood straight up,he had a hardon. He was looking at me and smiling,which room are you in he asked ,No 7 I said, we,re neighbours he replied, I,m in No 8.

I wrapped my towel around myself and left,my knees shaking slightly. In my room I lay on my bed and wanked as I remembered the encounter. I put the tlly on , it was tuned to the house channel, a porn video was playing, a gay one.

What was going on I thought, this is good, I,m now really wanking myself. I heard footsteps on the stairs, a tap on my door, before I could say anything it opened, you forgot this he said as he held my toothbrush.

He walked towards the bed smiling, I just lay there holding my dick in my hand, he looked at the telly and said, I see you,ve found the channel,good isn,t it, I,ve seen this one a few times before,he sucks him off in a minute.

I could see his dick bulging in his underpants. First time here he asked, yes I replied, its a nice place he said , men only of course, I think its only you and me here at the moment. Hope you don,t mind, he said, as he removed his pants .

Thats better he said,as he started to wank himself, here we go, he sucks him off here. I couldn,t stop myself I started to wank , help me out here he said, as he offered me his dick, I took it my hand and wanked him as fast as I could manage, he made no attempt to wank me.

Even as I wanked him he climbed on the bed and with a knee either side knelt above me, his back arched back, his dick looked huge from that angle, my balls he said, I took my hand off my own dick and grabbed his balls, wank me ,wank me he grunted, faster ,faster.

I felt his spunk come through the shaft, I knew I was going to get showered, he just kept coming,his white cream hot on my chest and belly, he jerked himself to a standstill. That was bloody marvelous he said, I was ready for that, do you want me to wank or suck you off,no I said I,m keeping myself for later.

Got something planned he asked ,as he pulled on his underpants. Some toilets I,ve found I said, I know them he said,what do you like, being naked I said, being a small chap I tend to get a lot of attention. I bet you do he said, what do you let them do to you. So long as they,re gentle I really don,t mind, I think some of them like to treat me like a girl, I,m always being asked to suck them off.

How long are you staying , he asked, I,m here for a week I said,I,ll definitly see you again then, he said, are you sure you don,t want me to bring you off. Thanks I said, I,ve got a drink in my bag for when I get back, I might see you then,perhaps watch a little telly together, see you later he said as he left, he looked back and said , you must tell me what they do to you.