Written by rod

26 Dec 2012

This is a true story of when i was 19 and had a part time job in a retail DIY shop.My boss would leave me to run the shop whilst he drove home for his lunch.One day a older guy , asain and very good looking about 50 years old came into the shop and wanted to look at some formica samples that we had. i was holding the samples showing him one at a time, i was in a corner of the shop backed against the shelves. what i didn't realise was that he had a plastic carrier bag in one hand that was pressing against my groin.

He kept moving about looking at the samples, i couldn't step back as nowhere to go but found that i now had an erection from him brushing back and forth . He noticed this and said he bet my girlfriend liked my cock. I said I didn't have a girlfriend, he laughed and patted my groin, As he patted it he made me gasp. He then asked if we had any timber , to which I said yes but its at the back of the store (this is out of sight from the front of the shop he asked if he could have a look, what i didn't know was he had seen the sign that all customers looking for timber would have to have a member of staff with them in case of a accident).I didnt realise but when we got to the back he just turned to face me and I was like a rabbit in the headlights as he leaned forward, took me towards him embracing me and began to kiss me on the mouth.

I have never kissed another guy before and never done a french kiss until now when I felt his tongue pushing into my mouth and exploring. I felt so horny but just stood there as he unbuckled my belt, undid my jeans, pushed them down to my knees and then reached under my hem of my underpants to take hold of my cock . It was so erotic that my cock strained so hard it actually hurt with desire, slowly he began rubbing me.. I was in seventh heaven, no one had ever held my cock before... he then kissed me again and then broke from the kiss , undid he flies and took out what was the first ever mans cock I had ever seen.He pushed me down so I was on my knees and told me to suck him, I did as I was told, I felt him pushing back and forth for a whilst until he twitched and I felt him cum in my mouth. immediately he stood me up and kissed me again, all I could so was respond but I had to swallow his cum before I could.

this was the first time I tasted cum..yes I enjoyed it.. he revisited several times, one day I was able to lock the shop as my boss wasn't well and went home asking me to lock up.. the guy arrived as I was locking up so I asked him in, he came in , locking the door behind us , went to the back and I stripped off completely naked and sucked him off again but wanting him to fuck my arse .. however he declined but said if I went to his friends house around the corner later he would be there .. i don't know why but I bottled out as I was afraid what would happen to me if two guys got hold of me... years later I now wish I had gone to have two guys fuck my arse and for me to suck their cocks until they were dry and for them to use me as they wanted .. now I often day dream or fantasise about going to the house, being stripped, tied to the bed, legs placed over their shoulders whilst they take it in turns kiss me and to fuck me and cum inside me...