Written by jimbofire

18 Mar 2015

My name is Jim and I wanted to share with you my first gay experience.

I was on site at a retail park and he was a security guard, I was doing some work in his office.

He (Col) asked me if I wanted a cup of tea and I said yes please. I sat and started to talk to him, I noticed he kept looking me up and down. Next thing I knew he wheeled his chair round the desk and started to stroke my leg and then pushed his face up against mine. Only in my deepest fantasies had I dreamed of being with a guy. His lips started to kiss mine and I responded and felt myself getting hard and trembling with excitement, his hands were all over my body and I was in his control.

The next thing I knew, he was taking my clothes off until I was naked, he locked the door and I had no where to run. He took my cock, which by this time was very hard and put it in his mouth and started to do his magic on me. It was all to much and I started to respond by grabbing his bald head and moving it back and forward. He then started to lick my balls and gliding his tongue up and down my hard shaft.

He then got up and took his clothes off and pushed me down to his hard cock, he then pushed it in my mouth and I started to suck this wonderful shaft that tasted so sweat, his precum tasted like syrup and I was loving it. I then got up and he kissed me again, out tongues meeting and I was becoming so into this man. He couldn't believe that, that was the first time I blowed a guy, but is was. He then pushed me into the chair I had been sitting and went to town on me, his mouth was working wonders and I could believe how good this felt. After a short time I could feel and orgasm coming and I couldn't help but cum in his mouth, before I knew it he got up and kissed me and shared my cum which I never tasted before.

It was my turn to make him come and I put my hand round his cock and started rubbing, before I could say anything he came all over my leg and he put it in his hand and made me lick it.

I often lay in bed and remember what happened that day and still get hard thinking about it.

Hope you enjoyed the story.