Written by Dom

15 Nov 2012

The thought of sex with another man never crossed my mind,having said that I'd had just one experience of "straight" sex which was a disaster,I've always been a bit of a loner and in a bar one evening an older woman started talking to me,she got me a bit sexually aroused with some of the things she was telling me about what her husband got her to do to him in bed,she was complaining about how it was every night,I'd never even heard about some of the things she was telling me about.We had a couple of drinks and left the pub together,I needed to go to the loo and as we were passing toilets I said I needed to go in,the other thing was I was'nt sure about her and thought she would go on her way.

It was fairly dark in the toilet and I did,nt even look around when I heard footsteps,I heard the cubicle door open,I was taking my time hoping she would be gone,when I heard the cubicle door open again and a voice said "fuck me",without thinking I turned around,even though the light was'nt good I could tell it was her,she was naked,even though I could'nt see everything it was the first time I'd seen a woman naked.

She had her hand down between her legs working her fingers in and out of her fanny.I was still holding my cock in my hand,I did'nt have a hardon .I was completely frozen to the spot,I could'nt move as she came close up in front of me and took me cock from my hand,I had never felt such a sensation before in my life,I had no idea what I should do so I did nothing,except very quickly get a hardon,she was muttering something about lovely young cock,then disaster struck,she held on as best she could as I started to spunk in all directions,I don't know what she must have made of me but once I'd finished spunking I just ran out of there.

I did'nt know if that was normal and I did'nt have anybody to ask and anyway I was about to have a sexual experience that I found much more fulfilling.I was reluctantly attending a cousins wedding with my mother,I did'nt really know anybody there,due to a fire alarm in the church the wedding was delayed until the following day,various local B&BS were booked to provide accommodation,a bit of drinking took place during the evening,I hated it all and found myself very much on my own.

I found out about my B&B and made my way there,it did'nt occur to me that I would be sharing a room,and also it was a double bed.It was sometime in the early morning,I was awakened by the door being opened,there was a certain amount of light from the street lights.Oh shit I thought we are sharing a bed,as was often the case I very often got a hardon while I slept,not having a change of underwear and no pyjames I had removed my undies was naked.I pretended to be sleeping but through partly open eyes I could see he was a bit unsteady on his feet,like me he wore briefs,he looked in my direction and when I peeped again he was removing his briefs,in comparison to my own his cock was large and his balls were,for the want of a better word "looser".He went to the bathroom,I was'nt sure but when he came back out his cock seemed to be showing more signs of life,maybe I was imagining it.

The bed was'nt the largest double and when he got in there was almost no way he could avoid touching against me,I was grateful my cock had subsided,he had his back to me.I did'nt think I would go back to sleep,but must have done because I did'nt feel him turn around towards me and also I had again got a hardon,I was glad I had my back to him.He was half snoring then giving little moans,I could feel him touch against me as he moved more and more.At first I was'nt sure,I had no idea what another mans cock felt like,but quickly I was'nt in any doubt,the shape,the slow throbbing the heat,it was pressed onto my lower back,what should I do,I could'nt move away any further in the bed,I dare'nt put my hand back and push it away,and the chances were he was asleep and like me just got a hardon.

I felt his hand go on my hip,I was trying not to but I could feel myself trembling,was he asleep,was he aware of what he was doing.I felt his body press even closer onto me,no doubt now about what was against my back,his hand moved over my hip and down towards my front,was he asleep,I felt his fingers touch my cock,he was pressed hard onto me,I could feel every throb of his cock,he was moaning louder into my ear,I felt him start to rub his cock up and down my back as if he was having sex with me.

When his fingers went around my cock,I knew he was awake,it was the first time I'd be wanked by another man,not a word was being said,he did'nt ask me to do anything so I let him do what he was doing.

My previous sexual experience was completely forgotten,the more his hand did what it was doing the more I relaxed into it,he used his fingers to caress my balls,he gently touched my nipples,always returning to a gently increasing wanking movement.I could feel the urgency in his own cock and the change in his breathing,it took a second or two to realise he was having sex with me,he was ejaculating onto my back,but it did'nt stop the rythem of his fingers,with the desired effect.

We both slipped back to sleep,not a mention was made of the nights event as we showered and prepared for the delayed wedding,I was almost wishing it would be delayed again.I don't supose the landlady off the B&B will have been so pleased with the state of her bed.

Within a week I had visited my first public toilet where I had heard M/M sex was available,each time was a new learning curve,still love it.