Written by Timmy

4 Feb 2009

I slept like a log,I felt so fulfilled,it is so good when somebody cares so much for you.I did,nt hear him go downstairs,I opened my eyes he was standing by the bed a tray in his hands,breakfast he said with a smile on his face,he was naked.He looked really good standing there.He put the tray on the bedside table bent down and kissed me on the lips.Even without an erection his cock looked magnificent.He poured tea and got back in bed beside me,you are beautiful he whispered,I could,nt resist reaching and taking his cock in my hand,he pushed the bedclothes down lay back his legs apart and watched my hand move up and down on his hardening cock.

My own cock quickly hardened,his touch was so gentle as he fondled me.Do you want to come off now or later he asked,I,ll bring you off if you want.You ? I asked,I love what you,re doing but I,d love to see you in your undies again,you looked fantastic,thanks I said I,d like that.I got out of bed,he watched me,smiling.I returned from downstairs with my bag,he lay there playing with his cock.I got a new set of undies out and handed them to him,he touched them to his lips,can I help you put them on,please I said,I could feel myself trembling.

He got out of bed,his cock was beautiful.He held the bra for me to slip my arms in,he went behind me and as he fastened it I could feel the throbbing of his cock against the small of my back,I just had to wank myself a little.He bent down in front of me,I rested my hands on his shoulders as he held the tiny knickers for me to step into,he pulled them slowly up,I knew they would,nt even cover my cock.He pulled me into his arms his lips covered mine,we were both trembling.

It would have been so easy to make love again,we had to pull apart.Do you want me to put my briefs on,he asked,no I replied I love you the way you are.We went downstairs,let me do the washup I said,we went in the kitchen.Both our cocks went down,mine now fitted neatly into my knickers,he stood beside my drying the pots,we kept looking at each other and smiling.

Suddenly his cock started to rise again,I,m sorry he said I just can,t stop it,don,t worry I said,I love it,I,ll give it a little TLC.He leaned back his elbows on the work surface,his legs apart.I held his balls in my left hand and gently wanked him with my right,he stayed like that moaning gently.Up to that point I had never taken cock in my mouth,I just was,nt sure I was ready,suddenly it seemed right.My own cock was well out of my knickers.I bent and touched his swollen head with my tongue,his cock jerked.Please do he whispered,I was shaking as I opened my mouth wide and let his cock come into it.

It completely filled my mouth,I tasted the sweetness of his precum,his hips moved from side to side.I could,nt do much with my tongue,I wished my mouth was bigger.He lifted my head off,I,d love to come off he said but I want us to do it together later,I want us to be in each others mouths and come off together.Have you sucked other chaps cocks,he asked,no I said yours is the first I,ve ever had in my mouth,did you like it,he asked a big smile on his face.I just smiled.He took me in his arms again,I love you he said.