Written by Harry_22

7 May 2014

I chatted with Keith a lot on line after our meeting. He liked to hear about what I had been up to and as well as wanking as we chatted he took to leaving me voicemails of him coming. I found this particularly hot especially as my phone was playing up and I would get the messages half way through the next day, not a bad thing to hear when I am stressed out with work! He liked hearing about any guys I met more than girls and he loved hearing how they were not as big as him. I went through my toy collection and found I only had one that matched him for size, it was purple thick and eight inches long. I held it as I wanked off and it soon drifted to my mouth and then I was running it over thigh, pressing it between my legs. My arse tingled a little but I had not time as I was due in a meeting. That feeling stayed with me all day, the kind of feeling that fuelled me going past a couple of my favourite cruising sites. I managed to suck a couple of guys and another wanked me off, but I was left wanting more. I told Ketih all about it online and he said it was high time that I visited again, ‘I would feel honoured to take your arse,’ he told me.

I took a long bath before bedtime and managed to only play with myself a little bit. After drying thoroughly I slid into some undies, a thick suspender belt and black stockings, a stretchy thing that sat comfortably over my cock (at least until I got hard, which was slowly happening!). A shiny black camisole finished off the ensemble and I slid under my duvet, my hand wandering underneath till it found my dildo. My cock swelled up in response to me taking hold of the big toy. I played it over my body, touching it all over my cock and balls as I rubbed and pinched my nipples through the silky material. I reached under myself pulling on the thong, feeling the tug of the string up my crack. It was useless now that I was hard, my cock was standing free and my finger tips were easily finding my eager hole. I had oiled my hole in the bath and so there was little resistance as I pushed my finger in, but I needed more lube for two. Conveniently on the bedside table I took the small tube and applied some lube to my fingers. Lying on my back I spread my legs and easily pushed two fingers up my arse. I dare not touch my cock and pushed the duvet back as well so that I could not even accidentally rub on it. Instead I wanked the dildo next to it, making me look small. I put it to my lips as I eased in a third finger, I always feel really dirty when I get that much in my arse and so I let out a gentle moan as the purple plastic eased into my mouth. My lips stretched just as they had around Keith and felt both excited and the prospect of where it was going to go next.

I sat up in my bed, my arse wishing that my fingers were still in place. I applied some more lube to my fingers, spreading it liberally around my hole and rubbing even more over the tip and shaft of the dildo. Then I shifted forward ready for my beds secret weapon; the plastic head board made the ideal base for the toy’s sucker base and I placed it about two feet above the mattress, pointing out to me. I lay down a towel and knelt on it facing down the bed and then dropped to all fours, looking back under I saw the tip drooping slightly from its weight, but otherwise lined up for my bum. I relaxed and moved back, the tip hit my balls and with a slight movement I got lower and collected it, feeling it press now instead on my arsehole. Despite all the lube there was still plenty of resistance and my heart jumped and my body shivered, trying to convince that what I was doing was wrong. I looked back between my legs and adjusted my body angle. I could only make out the fake purple balls stuck the head board, but the hint of the girth it was attached to reminded me of what I really wanted.

I moved again letting my body weight carry me back, I gasped and moaned with each bounce on that thick tip, the pain of the penetration taking my memories back to my first times. I pulled my nipple and cried out, ‘put it in,’ I moaned to myself and then in a last bounce of my body I cried out loud as the plastic helmet peeled me open and popped inside me. Pain and shock soon turned to pleasure as my body reacted to this big invasion, it filled my arse and massaged my hole as I slid in and out, the liberal lube doing its job thankfully very well. I could not remember the last time I had anything this big in me, but I knew I had missed it and at the proud moment soon came when my bum cheeks pressed against the head board.

That was my phone Keith and I was pleased when it bounced to voicemail. Hearing him react to what I was doing would probably make me come and I wanted this to last a little while longer. I told him exactly what I was doing and then dropped the phone to bed and rocked back and forth on the big plastic cock, letting his voicemail the natural noised I made as I fucked myself hard on his substitute member. I bounced on it long and slow, changing my angle so I could touch inside me deep as well as massage my prostate.

I told him I would come soon and how I was watching my soft cock sway underneath my body. As often when I am fucked my cock was soft but no less sensitive to what was going on. I clenched on my dildo and felt the pleasure rise. I rocked the cock in me and put my hand under my cock. I gasped my breath in time to my fucking movement and then grunting hard as I watched my come dribble from my untouched cock. It came and came, running freely over my hand. I cupped what I could and brought it to my mouth. I buried my face in my hand as I finished the last few plunges and until I could no longer hold the tight clench of my arse. Drained I pulled off the cock with a slight sting to my ringpiece and with a last moan into the handset, I hung up the phone.

I reached to the bedside once more and took a different tube, applying a cooler cream to my sore hole with my other hand I took the butt plug and with ease slid it into place. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, the movement teasing the plug inside me still. By the time I got back to bed, my cock was hard. I pulled the duvet over me and slowly tugged on my delicate cock as I drifted off to sleep.